Black masked Siamese




Leroy and Josephine are two pure breed lilac point Siamese cats, right. SIA c. But, Leroy decided that he has to toughen up his image and went BLACK!

What really happened is that the little boy pushed his head in the chimney while examining our cold fireplace, always looking for even more sources of warmth… and then came for a bit of hugging with Jelena who was focusing on something else and did not notice anything weird.

Joakim caught two black faces on camera.

2 comments on “Black masked Siamese

  1. Awww your cats are gorgeouse..they look so much like my Lilac point boy Gremlin…

    Gremlin is such a lovely boy..he is friends with everyone and will go up to strangers no problem and sit and sleep on them..he is the most cuddly loveable cat ever..he sleeps with Our labrador in his crate and shares his toys with him too….lol..great blog..lovely cats..x

    Gremlin by emaleese

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