Leroy fell on my mini green houses and crushed some of my Saintpaulia baby-plants. I was cleaning and doing some damage control for a few hours.

Jocke got scratched on his tummy, quite a lot; he was holding Maven while I was changing her bandage. She did not bite him, but she tried to escape, and accidentally scratched him with her back paws while doing that. The wound apparently hurts her a lot. Maven got painkillers when we were at the veterinary, but we do not have them at home. She cried like never before. I feel so sorry for her. And for Jocke, he is so badly scratched. 😦 Still, Maven’s wound looks better today.

We had problems giving her antibiotics; twice a day we have to trick her. We diluted the medicine in a drop of yogurt so it formed a paste. It worked the first time. The second time she refused to lick the paste from the plate, so we smeared her front paw with it. She licked it promptly; cats are compulsive-obsessive when it comes to their hygiene.

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