A new pillow

Here are Leroy and Angel occupying the new pillow they got yesterday. Angel has intense blue colored eyes, and Leroy has amazing dark lilac eyes; their true color is hard to catch on camera. Lilac and chocolate point Siamese have that lilac shade of their blue colored eyes that other Siamese do not have. All Siamese have blue eyes, and that gene is not connected to deafness.


Leroy weighs 4,2kg and Angel 4,3 kg, but he is more muscular. Angel is running a lot with the other cats since she came to us and is getting leaner. Jossan is very lean and small cat, 2,9kg. That is okay for a Siamese. Leroy’s mom, girls’ grandmother, is also lean and thin, but Jossan’s and Angel’s mom, Hannah, is quite big boned, and Angel has inherited her build, but Leroy’s length. Their half brother, one of Hannah’s sons, LillFrank, weighs 6,5 kg! He is not really fat, he is very muscular and big.

Leroy has a perfect eye shape and color for a Siamese. Jossan has a bit pale, and shape is rounder than Leroy’s, but not much. Angel has a tad protruding eyes for a Siamese, but they are very deep in color. She got those big, dreamy eyes from Leroy’s mom. Leroy’s father has somewhat deep-set, oriental eyes, but that combination turned out really beautifully with Leroy’s perfectly formed and colored eyes.


I think all of our cats are beautiful and have nice personalities, no matter what eye shade or shape they have, but it is interesting to see what the standard for Siamese says:

The Siamese cat should be a beautifully balanced animal with head, ears and neck carried on a long svelte body, supported on fine legs and feet, with a tail in proportion. The head and profile should be wedge shaped, neither round nor pointed. The eyes should be a clear brilliant blue, the expression alert and intelligent.  more

Our cats are family members, before everything else. Three of our four cats are castrated. We read a lot about cat genetics and on Siamese race, since if we get a litter or two from Jossan (we would like to, she has an unique pedigree, which is good for the Siamese gene pool), we want to bring up healthy, pretty kittens with a good type. Their character is also very important; it the most important thing after their health. The kittens should be open, friendly and social individuals. The most Siamese are just like that.

I heard that the Siamese in Sweden were bred mostly on type in the past, but in the last 2 decades, at least, a character and temper of a potential parent played a huge role in Siamese breeding. All the Siamese cats I met here are intelligent, talkative, loving, emotional, dedicated to their family and absolutely non-aggressive cats.

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