We call Angel “Miii”. That was the sound she makes sometimes (pronounced as “meee” in English), when she wants attention. She is used to be called “Miii” now and we think it suits her well.

Miii did not want to come home when it got dark this evening. I called her, and she did not come.

Usually the Siamese stay out only for a short while, unless we are out with them. They are never out if we are not at home. Maven is allowed more, since she is “street smart”, and also, she likes to stay out longer. The Siamese like to be close to their humans, but it is good for them to run out a bit and eat grass when the weather is warm and it is not raining. They like a lot when we are out gardening, they are always “helping” us.

So, this evening, Leroy and Jossan were inside and Leroy got upset hat Miii did not want to come home.  I let him out and he found Miii and took her home! 

Leroy was totally crazy and wild when he was small, but now he has became a very responsible cat who takes care of the other members of the cat family. Cats mature socially between 2 and 4 years of age. He is about 2,5 years old now.

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