Miii gets slimmer

Miii weighs 3,7kg now. She lost 0,6 kg since she moved to us and got to run outside and in the apartment together with our other cats. Her body looks a lot like her dad’s now, although she has a bigger frame than her sister Jossan. Daily wrestling with Leroy will keep her stay in shape.

Siamese are very slim and muscular cats, of medium weight and great lenghts. Still, some of them do get a bit overweight if they do not get enough exercise. Well, Miii’s days as being overweight are over!

I filmed one of their wrestling episodes a few days ago. It is a bit hard to catch them with a camera being ready… it is much easier taking shots of flowers. 😀

Miii (Angel) is the darker one, the blue point Siamese. At the end of the clip, you can notice Jossan, a little white spectator watching from a cat transport cage that was temporarily on the floor. Jossan likes to watch our other cats play, and sometimes she joins them, sometimes not.

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