Waiting time

We got Jossan back home on Tuesday. She was very stressed when we arrived to get her and cried a lot and complained about everything she had to go through. Siamese are loud cats with a lot of opinions. A lot. And she comes from a long line of Siamese that are loud even for Siamese. My head, my head, my head… Yes; and Jocke’s head…

When we got home, the other three cats were extremely happy she was back, especially Leroy. Jossan was happy, too, but very tired and slept for hours. The other cats licked her thoroughly and hugged her while she was sleeping. Maven and Miii hissed a bit at Jossan as they licked her, since she smelled strange.

She is out of heat now, and all we can do is wait. It takes at least 3 weeks before we can see the signs of a possible pregnancy. Jocke thinks that she did not allow Flippen to approach her this time either, but I am not so sure. There are tiny traces of biting on her neck skin, which is a good sign. I hope that the dating worked out this time. If it didn’t, we will have to look for another Siamese or Oriental tomcat that suites her, temper-wise and pedigree-wise. We are against inbreeding, and we need a guy with a nice temper (also, wide space between ears and wide open ear base are preferable). Flippen is a very good match for Jossan, IMHO. But, who knows what she thinks.

Oh, well. She is here, happy and sweet (to me) as usual, and everything is good again.

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