2 years ago…

I am thinking about painting. I haven’t done it in a while. Two years, maybe. Can that be true? I found this in our Cat diary, written on Jan 17, 2008, two years ago. That was about two months before Jossan came here.


Jelena was painting. On the floor. In the middle of the living room. All of her paints, brushes and the whole mess were lying there, exactly where Maven wanted to take a slow, lazy “Look who owns the room” walk after her afternoon nap.

Left paw, right paw. Left paw, right paw. Left paw landing straight into the pot of dark blue acrylic paint… what made Jelena SCREEEEAM!

Maven got scared, switched immediately from her lazy slow mode and ran away like crazy, leaving quite a few equidistant dark blue paw prints on the floor and shelves, before Joakim caught her and took her to the washing session, badly needed but not too appreciated.

Luckily, all the traces are now removed from the floor and furniture that played a central piece in yesterday’s episode from the life of a struggling painter. Maven, that is.


This is the painting in question, I am still not sure if it is finished. I am not sure about its name, either. I call it “Up”.

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