Jossan’s kittens. A month until they arrive!

Babies, we saw Jossan’s babies! We waited for 40 minutes at the vet’s office, and Jossan was not happy.

Then they had to shave her tummy. Jossan was even less happy.

And then they put a lot of goo on her belly and looked for the babies on the ultrasound. NOT HAPPY!

The veterinary said that he could not see exactly how many kittens there are, which I do not get why not, if he just tried harder, he could have counted them. I started counting them, but every time I managed to focus, he moved the probe somewhere else. But we saw them clearly, at least 4, but probably 5 or 6. Many!

One opened and closed its little kitty mouth, looked like it was meowing, and its siblings rotated and moved and we saw the small hearts beating. Ooooh, so nice. They look like real little baby cats, which they are!

Now we are back home and Jossan is a bit upset since her tummy is shaved and yucky and we were away from home for so long, but now she is lying in my lap and has almost forgiven me everything.

Kittens! 🙂

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