Seven kittens

Jossan gave birth to seven kittens. The delivery went fine.

One kitten went out with legs first, the rest of them head-first.

Strong contractions started 22:30. We weighed the kittens and wrote down the time they were born. We cut all the umbilical cords, cleaned their faces, mouths and noses and stimulated the breathing by massaging them gently with a dry towel. All of them were quite active from the start, we experienced no problems there.

0:19 #1     98 g male
0:40 #2    102 g female
0:55 #3    94 g male
1:38 #4    94 g male
1:46 #5    96 g female
2:58 #6   98 g female
3:07 #7   86 g male

We are very tired, it is 5AM in Stockholm and we are going to sleep now. More pictures tomorrow.

I have no idea which colors they are, they all were whitish and wet. I am not that sure about the gender either. The weight and time of the delivery are correct.

5 comments on “Seven kittens

    • Thank you! 🙂

      That was the most amazing experience ever. Yay! Me and my husband helped our cat deliver seven adorable kittens!

      The proud mom is purring non-stop and the kittens appear to be eating and sleeping well so far. I fed Jossan and gave her water while she was lying in the tipi, she would not leave the small ones, not even for a second!

      I will be publishing many pictures soon! 🙂

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