Siamese kittens, 6 days old

The baby on the left with the darker ear edge is probably going to be seal or blue point, and the other one chocolate or lilac.

One more picture of the same two kittens:

A detail; kittens eating (they eat often).

2 comments on “Siamese kittens, 6 days old

  1. If the kitten on the left turn out to be seal-pointed, that the father is genotype SIA n (under the “white coat”.)
    Are there any FW’s in the litter??

    • There is one FW girl in the litter, she looks a lot like her mom in type. Now the kittens start to get more distinct features, until 1-2 days ago they all looked just like babies.

      About the others – I think that there are two lilac point kittens, and the rest are all blue/chocolate, maybe one is seal point. They all are still snow-white in their bodies, only ear-tips and noses are somewhat colored, but it is still too early to be certain about their colors.

      The father definitely seems to be a chocolate carrier, and he is probably seal or blue ‘under the mask’ (if we get no chocolate or seal points, the chances are greater that he is blue, but even then he might be seal point).

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