Albert, 15 weeks old

Albert weighs 1870 gr today. I am very glad we kept him, he is so loving and sweet. Also, Siamese who love groups can be two and two now. Still, most of the time they spend all together. When they sleep it can be a bit different. Maven, Miii and Leroy can sleep close to each other. And Jossan and Albert somewhere else, curled together. Still, most of the time all are in bed with us, and one or both of us humans often wakes up freezing, since the blanket is gone, and the little thieves are lying all curled up in the stolen goods.

Albert is very curious, and in temper he is both active and serene. Very secure kitten. He likes to sit and watch how we work (we are moving to a house soon, and are very busy with everything that goes with it). Here is a picture of him I took two days ago:

7 comments on “Albert, 15 weeks old

  1. He looks exactly as my Siamese Cream Bi-Colour Casper when he was the same age, (before his colour-points established). This could be his twin! Absolutely ADORABLE!

  2. Thank you! Albert is very cute, and he has an ability to show so much love with his eyes and body language; he is a very expressive and loving cat. I see now when I see his pictures even when he was small how loving he always was. I also can see which pictures were taken by me and which by other people. He has a very different look! This one is taken by me. Mom’s cat! 🙂

    Bicolore Siamese are very pretty. They look so interesting with their pattern and colors – with both white patches and Siamese points. And creme bicolors look almost like white Siamese, the ones I saw were very light in color. 🙂

  3. You are very welcome! :0) Albert sure is a cutie and exudes confidence. He does look quite secure/confident in this photo and just like Casper he is a proper little poser! The camera sure loves him! All of my photos of my Siamese are uploaded on my Facebook page. I also have a Lilac Point who is older than Casper.
    You are right re the Bi-Colour Cream. He does look (almost) white! If I were a little more Internet-savvy I would attempt a blog/web page myself but I’m not very technically inclined. Your site (and Cats) are absolutely wonderful, very beautiful! Here is a link to some photos I posted on Facebook of Casper & Enzo. Hopefully you can view the link?

    Kind Regards

    Charlotte x

      • Oh no! I just realised your message! I apologise for the delayed response. I haven’t been using this email address as much do I think I may have missed your reply? Hmm… I am not sure why the link isn’t working, do you have a FaceBook account? I’m sure my Cats album is public viewing but if you don’t have FaceBook then that might have been the problem. If you don’t have FaceBook I could post my pictures on Flickr perhaps? Unless you have any other suggestions?

        I’ve just checked my inbox and noticed that I have received an email about Albert hurting himself! I’m so sorry to hear that! Poor Albert! Bless him! I haven’t read the whole post but I am just about to do so! Big Hugs for Albert!! (xxx)

        Kindest Regards


        • I have a FB account, my name is Jelena Vencl Ohlrogge. But I do not see your album. 😦
          Poor Albert, thank you. We are doing the best we can to help him. He is a tough cat, I hope he will get better soon.

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