Albert fetches a mouse toy

Albert is 20 weeks old now and loves to fetch.

Our apartment is a mess, because we started to pack recently. We are moving next week. It will be so good to live in a house!

2 comments on “Albert fetches a mouse toy

  1. Oh I am sitting here … with a certain little 15 week old Sealpoint Safira in my arms…. who is watching Albert avidly as he chases after and retrieves his mouse!!! She/we have watched it twice now … she loves it. I am hoping it becomes a ‘training movie’ for her!! lol! I have been pointing out to her how Albert doesn’t try to scrabble up your trouser leg like a tree stump – as Safira does to me – my legs are still full of playful scratches !!!

    Albert is getting more beautiful every time I see him. Congratulations on your new house … and good luck on the move !!

    • Thank you! 🙂 Albert also can get very excited while playing and sometimes he scratches or bites us a little, but he is learning not to do that.

      Moving soon and packing… although the most of it we will do during the weekend. The cats are helping us A LOT! 🙂 I’ll upload some pictures now.

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