Till minne av A.N.

We are packing and live in chaos, but now we stopped for a moment.

We got some sad news today. A lady that bred many generations of beautiful Siamese in Sweden, that I never got to meet in real life but we had contact via mail, died at her home yesterday after a longer illness.

Some time in July she saw Jossan’s kittens’ pictures online. She told me later that she liked their pedigree and looks and how we wrote about them. She mentioned it to a friend of hers whose one Siamese was put to sleep a little while ago (incurable tumor). The lady’s friend was sad because she lost her cat but she wanted a new family member and a friend for her other Siamese boy. I believe that you can never replace a lost pet, they are unique, and you will always love them, but you can maybe open your heart and home for a new cat again.

Antoine (who got to meet the lady after he moved up north; she came to visit him) and his dear matte found each other thanks to that lady. The lady and I exchanged several mails before and after the kittens moved out; she knew a lot about Siamese cats, she was kind and warm and helpful and I am very sad that she died. I hope she is in a better place now.

. . .

You touched our lives more than you knew. Love, Jelena.


2 comments on “Till minne av A.N.

  1. I am very sorry to hear your news… I agree … your friend must be in a far better place now. One filled with lots of Siamese angels that she raised over the years! Can you imagine what a wonderful noisy welcome she will have had !! All those little voices, those little paws dabbing her with recognition? Yes…. a much better happier place! God Bless !!

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