New house, week #1

We still do not have internet connection at our new home. The new house is beautiful, but right now everything is just messy. We have a pile of cardboard boxes and basics to dress and wash and go to work. The cats have everything, though. 🙂
The first day Maven was thrilled with the new house. Leroy was very excited and curious, too. Miii something in between curious and scared. Jossan and Albert were scared, but I took them in my arms and slowly carried them through parts of house showing them around while petting and kissing them. We won’t let them go everywhere at once. They have their ‘safe room’ where they spent the first 10 hours when we just came there, surrounded with their furniture and litter boxes and all they need, they can go and hide there if they want to feel safe. But, now they do not retreat there at all, they dare to go up and down the stairs and are less afraid.
The first night we hardly slept at all, since Maven seemed to have realized that that was not just a funny day out, and that we were sleeping there, probably even staying for longer time, so she cried all night. She was so sad, so sad.

The Siamese, on the other hand, realized it is not that bad after all, and slept next to us and also in their little beds between our bed and the radiator. Maven cried and came and lied next to my head, hugged me with her little paws, then cried again and ran around. Poor cat.

Second night was already much better, Maven cried only a little, and now they all are running around and playing as usual. They still did not get to see more than half of the house, we are waiting for them to feel at home here.

When one of the cats goes far and can not see the other cats, she/he calls for them. Most of the time all five go around like a pride of lions and explore their surroundings in cooperation. I hope to get an internet connection at home soon so that I can post some pictures.

2 comments on “New house, week #1

    • Thank you!

      It will be a lot of things to do before the mess is gone, but the cats seem to be pleased with the big space they have now.

      The area of the house is three times as big as the area of the apartment we lived in, and although the cats do not get to be everywhere all the time (some doors we keep closed, which is a new experience for them!), they seem to like the stairs, the rooms, the floors… all in all – their new home. Maven is not crying at all anymore, and no one complains.

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