Visit to the humans owned by Archimedes and Misty

Three days ago we were so happy to visit Archimedes and Misty and their owners.
Those are two very happy and loved cats. Archimedes, pet name Ash, is so big now, we could not believe our eyes when we saw him! He is almost as big as Jossan and looks a lot like her. From some angles you can see that his head is larger and his proportions are typical for tomcats. Also, he has better shape of ears and a bit rounder eyes than Jossan, but from the pictures I took, if I did not know it was him, I’d think it was his mom!
Misty has the softest fur I have ever felt on a cat (she is a Cornish Rex) and is very mild and loving in nature. Ash is quite active and cute as he’s always been, completely comfortable around people; he is one little purring and playing machine. He greets everyone, as he greeted us, but I also think that he did recognize us. He showed us a lot of love, but at the same time he seemed very happy and content with his humans and Misty.
Look how nice they have it there!

4 comments on “Visit to the humans owned by Archimedes and Misty

  1. It must be SO nice to visit your baby in someone else’s home and see that he is getting on so happily with his new friends! Giving away your babies is always hard…even if you are comfortable with their new humans! Archimedes is beautiful !!! And so is Misty. My dad was from Cornwall !! lol!!

    • Yes, it was incredible!

      Archimedes was a bit special, since he was so sick and close to dying. Joakim thought he would never see Archimedes grow up, that we would lose him to the illnes (he got a bad vaccine reaction and lost his apetite. We fought for every gram of his weight.).

      We got very attached to him, especially Joakim who spent all of his time, asleep and awake next to Archimedes and was longer on vacation than me this summer. It was so touching to see how big Archimedes got and how happy and healthy he is.

      All of the kittens moved to really good homes, and are as spoiled as cats can be! 🙂 That is what I wished for them even before they were born, ever since we planned Jossan’s mating, and I am so happy they really got so good humans! 🙂 (We would have never let them go if the new owners did not feel right. I’d rather be a crazy cat lady with 11 cats than have any of them move to wrong home).

      And so great we were invited to visit him! Not all of the kittens live so close to us (Ash and Misty live 45 minutes by car from us), but if we happen to travel close to where they live, we will visit the other babies as well. 🙂

  2. It was with great joy that I read the report on your visit to ASH and his new family and to see the young lad he has grown to be. My love to all of you.
    Best regards,
    Dr Buba

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