This is how it looked on the upper floor when we just moved in. Jossan and Leroy are exploring the new space.

And this is how the living room looks a week later. Maven likes to lie in boxes, but bags are also good. Soft plastic bags are dangerous for cats in the same way they are dangerous for small children and we are trying not to leave them around. This is a bag made of thicker and harder plastic.

I am sorry about the flash, Maven! (Though it is funny, those shiny eyes make Maven look like a little cat-robot!).

Here is a bigger picture of a small part of our mess:

3 comments on “Mess

    • Thank you! 🙂 They are slender, with long legs, but have a lot of muscles. Leroy weighs about 4,2kg (9.2 lbs), Jossan weighed only 2,9kg (6.4 lbs) in March, before her pregnancy, now she weighs about 3,3kg (7.3 lbs), but I think she is a bit overweight (for her type), she looks round in her face. I worried for so long because Jossan is such a small tiny Siamese, but after she gave birth to seven perfectly healthy and big babies, I stopped obsessing about her weight. 🙂

      Miii weighs as much as Leroy, she is big-boned, like her mom. It is hard to see that Miii and Jossan are sisters. They have similar faces, but not the build.

      Maven is smaller, weighs about 3,9kg(8.6 lbs) Maven is a mixed breed and has a lot of fur, but she is tiny actually. Albert is still a baby, but I think he will be at least as big as Leroy when he grows up. 🙂

      I am not sure how tall and long they are, I’ll check when I come home. 🙂

      The cats have access to dry food all the time, three different sorts, and they eat as much as they need. And then they eat canned food, tuna, chicken or just raw minced meet (beef) at least once a day (which they love).

  1. Hej !

    Tittar in här med jämna mellanrum och kikar runt lite på godingarna 🙂
    Blev helt paff när jag läste vad Jossan väger, Sung (Alessandro) väger nu 3,6 kilo.
    Han är muskulös och fin (kan ju bero på att han använder stackars Skeletor som boxningssäck 😛 ), med karatelånga ben.
    Ska bli kul att se vad det blir av den lille knatten, känns som om grabben kommer bli stor. 🙂

    Det är full rulle här hemma för det mesta, vi har faktiskt tränat honom till att använda Litter-Kwitter. ( )
    Det går supersmidigt, han är så renlig av sig och han fattade vinken direkt.
    Vi är nu på det näst sista gröna stadiet och har kysst kattsanden förväl – så himla skönt !

    Hoppas ni har det fint 🙂

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