Ada and Alfred, 5 months

We got the latest picture of Ada and Alfred from their beloved matte. They are so pretty! Ada is blue (darker) and Alfred is a lilac point Siamese (lighter in color).

I suspected since they were three weeks old that Alfred was not lilac, but chocolate, and later I settled for caramel lilac, since his color was slightly different (warmer)  than his two lilac brothers’ and Leroy’s and Jossan’s lilac color, but I registered him as lilac. I am still not quite sure what his exact color is, in 1-2 years one can be certain if he is caramel lilac or “just” lilac.

Caramel color modifier was not registered in Sweden earlier, not for Siamese (but it is registered in England, for example, and the cats we imported from England that were caramel lilac/caramel blue got registered as lilac/blue in Sweden). Caramel modifier makes the diluted colors like blue and lilac a bit warmer in tone. Also, the fur gets a special metallic sheen, at blue based caramels. A chocolate or seal point Siamese that is a carrier of caramel modifier looks the same as the one who is not; caramel is not visible on undiluted colors.

I melt when I see Jossan’s babies pictures, they are our little furry babies also, and I am delighted to see them growing and hear that they are so much loved and taken care of.

We also got news about Ash (Archimedes). He weighs 3kg! A big guy! He was so tiny when he got sick, but he struggled like a lion and ate like he was the biggest feline on Earth after he recovered. Now he is one big and fluffy Siamese kitten, that is almost as big as his 3,8kg heavy Cornish Rex friend Misty.

2 comments on “Ada and Alfred, 5 months

  1. And proud of those little ones you should be ! They are growing up to be so very beautiful !! And BIG ! lol!! Our own little Saffy is growing too like a weed! You know, I found your site a day after finding her – I was looking for something to tell me the weights of Siamese kittens at different weeks of age as we didn’t know how old Saffy was. She was just 780g, and the vet then told us she was around 12 weeks and only a few grams underweight! This never matched up with the sizes & ages of Jossan’s kittens! I still feel she was younger than that when we found her. We found her on September 3rd – two months ago today! And today she weighs …..2,300 g! She eats well, a dry kitten mix … and some moist kitten food from time to time, with added fish and meat too. I don’t know WHAT to expect with her! lol!!

    Congratulations on your lovely cats and kittens … I love reading about them and seeing the wonderful photos you take !! Thanks !

    • Thank you so much! 🙂 It is very kind of the kitten owners that they are sending me the pictures of Jossan’s kittens. Also, I like to take pictures of our five cats when I can, it is like a diary for me.

      From what I read and experienced, during the first months of their lives, kittens gain 8-15 grams per day, in average 10. They weigh about 70-150 grams when born, depending on the race, number of kittens etc. To me it sounds like Safira was 8-10 weeks old when you found her. Even if she was a bit underweight and has a tiny frame, that should not have reflected on her weight that much (if she was healthy, and she was from what I understand).

      Later in life she may weigh less and be slender, but not that much as a kitten. Even our tiny Jossan was a big kitten, although we saw she would not have a robust build.

      I noticed that cats are like humans, some like one kind of food, others eat whatever; some are picky, some like only dry food, etc… I fed the kittens with a lot of minced beef when they were small, since it is really good for their growth and easy to digest, I also gave them egg yolk and lactose-free cream, but they also got a lot of vitamins from Jossan’s milk, and also, from the kitten food (they ate Royal Canin, HIll’s, Eukanuba, Iams). Today there are so many quite well composed kinds of cat food.

      It is important though that cats take a lot of liquid, especially as they grow older, it is needed in order for proper kidney function. That is why we feed them both dry and wet food, we cannot make them drink, so we try to have them get as much liquid via food as we can.

      Good luck with little Safira, she seems to have been growing nicely! 🙂

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