4 comments on “Albert is a big kitten! (no milk teeth)

  1. hi,

    i just cam across your website, i must say that you got a really lovely cat 🙂

    i got a kitten myself – around 5 months old, just notices that his permanent teeth are coming out. i got a question did yours cat teeth had to be pulled out by vet or did they got out naturally?

    all best


    • Hi Sylvia, thank you for your kind words!
      All of our cats’ milk teeth got out on their own. 5-6 months is in average when they lose their milk teeth and, from what I’ve heard, it is very seldom that they need help from a vet.

  2. Hi I came across your photos of your kitten and his gums looked inflamed. After loosing his adult teeth did that go away?y kitten is almost 6 months just lost his kitten teeth it seems and his gums are inflamed all over his mouth. My vet said it was fine but I’m slightly worried about it I’ve only ever had one other cat and he was a adult. I guess I’m paranoid.

    • In Albert’s case he was fine after he lost his baby teeth. The redness and the irritation disappeared.
      It is always better to check twice (even with different veterinarians if you are worried) than have them have pain or risk complications, I agree, but we never had a kitten having problems other than temporary irritation and redness when changing their teeth and that resolved spontaneously.

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