Jossan’s kittens turn 6 months!

Happy 6 months babies! 🙂

Albert celebrated his first six months of life by dragging extra many things from the upper to the bottom floor. He probably thought THAT is why he got petted a little bit extra today, so he kept on working on earning some more praises!

Here is one picture of Sung (Alessandro) we got from his matte today. He is a blue point Siamese and lives in Malmö.

Here is a video of the blue beauty wrestling with Skeletor. Thank you so much, Ellinor for the picture and video!

Sung weighs 4 gk now, Tjabo (Antoine) 3,8-3,9kg and Gusten 3,4kg! Big kittens! Alfred got his first snowball as a present from the little girl he lives with and talked a lot while sitting next to it in the bath tub.

2 comments on “Jossan’s kittens turn 6 months!

  1. Happy Six Months to all the kittens !!! They are getting really big! My little Saffy …has now got her teeth back .. and has started to chew cables… which is dangerous and annoying! She has eaten through at least 2 sets of headphone cables… and a few other computer ones! Us parents are NOT amused !! lol!! She is also climbing our tall Ikea unit … and knocking articles to the floor … for the fun of it! She is one of those cats who adores water running in the sink – and comes running when she hears me put the tap on! When she isn’t doing these naughty things… she is a peaceable loving girl!

    • Oh, a little cable-chewer! It must be because the new teeth are growing, she has to chew on all those tasty cables! Would she maybe fancy a thick cardboard box instead?

      The kittens are pretty crazy until they turn 1 year, and Siamese cats are very inventive even as grown ups! 🙂 Albert is dragging big stuff all over the place. He probably thinks that Jocke and I lack any talent or capability when it comes to arranging our home ourselves.

      I feel that our cats think that nothing would ever be done without their interference! Not done right, that is. 😉

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