If it is not a naptime, it is suspiciously silent in the house, and not a single cat is beside us, we usually know where to find them.

We put a lot of bird feeders in the trees and on the poles around the house in places where we and cats can enjoy watching them. Birds come to eat during the daytime, more often when it is colder. Occasionally they sing and cats love to watch them. Miii and Maven call us sometimes, they have a special sound for ‘Look, a bird!’. It sounds like high-pitched barking, several fast barks in a row.

You were looking for us? The birds are having lunch!

Usually there are many more birds outside eating, but I managed to capture only one of them on picture. Or actually, two, but you can see only a little of the bird #2 on the other side of the bird feeder.

Birdie num num!


4 comments on “Birdwatching

    • Thank you! 🙂

      It is quite hard, have to take a picture through the window, and also, try not to disturb the birds with the flash. But it is great fun, we saw so many kinds of birds we usually do not see.

      Two kinds I’ve never seen before; long-tailed tit (Swedish: stjärtmes) Stjärtmes
      and eurasian bullfinch (Swedish: domherre) domherre.

      (I did not take these two pictures).

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