Between a man and his laptop…

… there is always a cat. Maven loves to sit on Jocke when he is sitting or lying on the couch. She is so cute!

Our cats showed a lot of changes in their behavior during the years, also behavior towards us, like – who is whose human and who claims whom etc.

At first, I was Maven’s human, although she showed a similar amount of affection to us both. When we got Leroy, he was fast to claim me, and be very loud and firm about his decision, and Maven took Jocke as his human. Maven showed signs of  depression for almost half a year after we got Leroy. She clearly had mixed feelings; she both liked that she was not the only cat anymore, but he took some of the attention that was all hers before and she was not happy. She got over it within a few months.

When Jossan came, she claimed me (all the new cats/kittens claim me, I guess they need their ‘mom figure’), and Leroy was not happy about it. He tried to push Jossan out of my lap and similar, but it all ended with sharing the same place with his little copy and sulking a bit. Leroy loved Jossan so much, but he did not like sharing his human. What he did was to take both Jocke and me as his humans, but I feel that until this day he did not completely forgive me that I show affection to other cats as well.

Siamese are possessive and jealous cats, and while they love other Siamese and the whole ‘mini lions tribe’ thing, they need quality time with their humans in order to feel good and be happy. After some time all the different feelings settled, and as we got Miii and Albert, they also learned to “share us” and have their slots of one-on-one time with us during the day (although most of the time all of them are with us).

The interesting thing with Maven is that since we moved to the house, she claimed Joakim completely, and when we are lying on the couch, watching TV or with laptops in our laps, she will come and lie on Jocke, and Siamese will come and lie on and around me. Maven is affectionate with me, but she does not sit in my lap, not for long (before we moved to the house, she did not sit for long in Jocke’s lap either; big changes, like moving can trigger changes in their relations and habits).

The cats respect the boundaries they set when “claiming” humans. We cannot do much about it, it is always them who ‘choose’. We can only give all of them a lot of attention and love, then everyone is nice to each other and there is a harmony in the group. It is very interesting to observe cats as individuals, but also when they live in a group, especially Siamese, who are real pack animals. Maven is a mixed breed, but she is very vocal, and behaves similar to Siamese in some aspects. But, she is more of an individual, and cares less about the cat group than the Siamese do. She likes to sleep next to us, or alone; the Siamese sleep next to us or next to each other. They are like mini lions indeed, many behaviors that exist in lion tribes, exist in their little group as well.

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