Swedish word ‘ull’ means ‘wool’ in English, and Ullisen could be translated to something like ‘Wooly’. Last week I bought Ullisen to our cats! Ullisen is made of wool from sheep from Öland (an island in Sweden) and with ecological catnip. Our cats have a hundred of toys. Some they love more, some not so much. You can never know what would be their favorite toy. They do not like the same toys. Jossan does not like toys at all.

The cats love Ullisen. No one of our cats is a wool-chewer, but it must be something in wool that tastes really good, since they love to play with it. Even Jossan plays with it sometimes (and she does not play with toys since she became fertile, 2,5 years ago, she is like, so above it…). But, Ullisen is really a Leroy’s toy. Although Albert thinks they should share. But, Leroy does not share toys. Oh, no.

P.S. I bought Ullisen on Tradera (Swedish ebay, sort of), but the lady that makes ullisar also has a site here.

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