Jossan is dating again!

Jossan (S*Me-Na-Yak Call Me Josephine Brown) is dating again!

Her date is – Goofy, IC S*Edo Créma de Luxe, the dad of the A-litter! Although Albert and Goofy have different looks, there are similarities; Albert is white like his dad and moves and has a body language that is pretty much the same! That was quite amazing to see, I did not remember from before how Goofy moved and cuddled. He was mostly stunned and excited when we introduced him to Jossan last year, so he did not interact with us a lot.

Here is a picture of Goofy and his brother Musse we took when we left Jossan in Sala, about 1 hour 15 minutes drive from Stockholm, two days ago.

It was a bit funny; the first time we were there, about a year ago, Jossan seemed to be scared, and hid immediately. But now – she jumped on the kitchen table, behaved as if Sofie’s apartment was her summer house or something. She apparently recognized where she was and she was not displeased. After a few minutes we let Goofy in and he started singing and flirting with Jossan. Then we gave them some privacy and left. We got a message from Goofy’s owner yesterday, she witnessed one mating and heard another!

We miss Jossan, but we do not miss her yelling and calling for a guy. She (as the most of cats) calls a lot when in heat. Also, Albert had to be separated from her, and it was not fun for anyone, but he has such a nice temper and we have a big house, and enough cats so that everyone has a company. Albert is still small, but he changes from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde when he feels that Jossan is going in heat. Then he is all stud, 110%, calling and following Jossan. But when his mom is not in heat, or when she is away, he is a little baby, playing with his toys and cuddling with us all the time.

We hope that this time we are as lucky as last year, that Jossan has a problem-free pregnancy and nursing period, and above all – that she remains healthy and gets healthy babies. If all goes well, the delivery will be around the 4th of May.

6 comments on “Jossan is dating again!

  1. What exciting news!! I can’t wait to hear all the week by week news again of how Jossan is growing fatter – and then how she has a safe delivery and lots of beautiful babies! I also loved hearing how they changed colour as they aged – it really is a surprise!

    We are not wanting to mate our little Saffy – well we would love lots of kittens but it wouldn’t be practical for us – so we are going to have to have her speyed. The vets in the UK tell us to do it around 5 months I think, but here in Portugal they still believe in doing it at a year old!! At the moment as the weather is cold and nasty Saffy doesn’t go out on her own but I don’t want her to start calling for a mate [which is very unfair to her I think] and we are going back to the UK just after Easter too, and are letting a friend take care of Saffy in her house. It would be terrible if she started calling over there – and they have male cats too !! I am hoping to get her speyed soon. Poor thing… but it’s for the best.

    • Thank you! 🙂 It is very exciting, we hope all goes well… fingers crossed!

      I also think that your cat can be spayed. Ada was spayed last week, 9 months old, and Alfred was spayed in November. Some breeders even practice a very early spaying for cats only 14 weeks old. In Sweden it is usually 5 months the earliest that the most of people spay their cats. We spayed Maven when she was about 7-8 months old.

      But what you maybe can do (now I have no idea how it is in Portugal, are veterinaries willing to prescribe it) is to give Safira contraceptive pills for cats, once a week. Imagine poor Saffy if she starts getting in heat when you are not with her! In Sweden the brand is called Promon, and the dose is 5mg, once a week. The active substance is Medroxyprogesterone. There should be no problem if it is given to cat for a few months. I gave Promon to Jossan on and off and she experienced no side effects at all.

      • Hiya ! I just got your posting about that dashing, young ‘Romeo’ of your Albert ! Sounds like he had fun … and his ladyfriend Arwen!

        I am wondering how Jossan is? Is she? Isn’t she ??

        Little Saffy is not with us right this minute, as my husband took her this evening to the vet to be spayed. We will pick her up again tomorrow if all has gone well. Poor little thing!! But better in the long run ….

        Love to both of you and the furry people too !

        • I hope it goes well for Saffy! It is good for her, she will be sore for a few days, but it is like you say, better in the long run, much better.

          Jossan is pregnant, definitely, she gained 280 gr in about 25 days and she is visibly rounder. She is calmer and sleeps a lot.

          We will have an ultrasound next week, since I am worried for her. Jossan fell very unfortunately while jumping on a shelf the bathroom, and landed on her tummy. She did not show any signs of discomfort after that (she did show that she vas very embarrassed about how clumsy she was!) and the vet said that if there was some harm to the babies, they will be absorbed by her body. The most important is that Jossan feels well.

          That happened 5 days ago, and she did gain weight since then, so I hope that the babies are fine. We will see next week on the ultrasound. I hope so much they are alive and well.

          Good luck to little Saffy!

  2. Oh poor Jossan!! These furry friends can be such a worry sometimes! I hope all goes well at her ultrasound. When will her kittens be due ??

    Thank you for the good wishes for Saffy …

    • Thank you! The due-date is the around the 4th of May, so the fetuses were very small when Jossan fell, and I hope that that helped; they were not that exposed yet. I want them to be well, but the most important to me that she is fine, my beloved Jossan. And she is. Clumsy at times, but well in spite of that. 🙂

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