Three generations

"Mom, you are almost as big as grandpa!"

Jossan, Albert and Leroy were resting on their favorite blanket  last evening.

Jossan is much smaller than Leroy otherwise, but now her weight went from 2,9kg before the pregnancy to 4,1kg. There is about 10-13 days to go. I think that there may be six kittens this time, but I do not know for sure. Jossan’s weight gain was about the same as before, a bit lower, but that could do with a two days error in the estimated time of arrival.

So exciting! Yesterday I’ve ordered a new kitten house and cushions from Germany, made out of a new high quality material that has no loops so that the claws of small kittens can not get stuck in them, and it is also washable in 60 degrees.

I cannot wait for the kittens to arrive!

4 comments on “Three generations

  1. Lovely photo! Looks like they are all conspiring together with their backs to you !! “Don’t show that we know she is taking that photo … just turn around and pretend to be surprised !!” Don’t ask silly questions .. just do as I say, I AM your grandfather you know !! ” lol!!!!

    • Yes, sometimes they do like they are having quite complex conversations! 🙂 They are real pack animals, it is so much fun to study their behavior.

      We watch shows about lions sometimes and there is a lot of similarities, in the the pack behavior and relation to humans (even lions, raised by humans, or being friends with humans since they were cubs are so loyal and loving). Siamese ARE mini lions! 🙂

  2. Oh I forgot to say … I can’t wait to see your kittens either !! I will be in the UK for a month from this Easter Sunday – but will be checking my emails all the time !! Good luck .. and lots of love to the mummy to be!! XX

    • Thank you!

      Jossan is feeling great. Her tummy is enormous and I find it fascinating that she is still moving and jumping around so elegantly and graciously.

      She rests and eats more than usual and she started looking around for the place to deliver. She set her eye on the couch in the guest room, but we thought to arrange another room for her and the kittens. We’ll see what she thinks about it. It always ends up as they decide, the best we can do is to offer a few options. 🙂

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