6 comments on “They are looking at us

  1. They … are the most beautiful little kittens I have ever seen !!! *sigh* ….. congratulations … What colour are their eyes? In the photos, as with my little Saffy, their eyes are showing up red !!

    • It is the flash that makes them look red. I took these pictures with my small camera, it is not that good, but I can use it fast.

      All Siamese have intense blue eyes. 🙂

  2. Yes, that flash gets them every time !! lol! I make a point of switching off the flash if I remember! If I don’t, either Saffy has red eyes, or glowing green ones !!! lol! Saffy’s eyes were intense blue when she was a kitten, which is why we called her “Safira” because that means sapphire in Portuguese. However now she is a nearly a year old, her eyes have changed a bit – they are like a target! She has the black pupil, then there is a blue ring…. surrounded by a pale green ring !!! Very different!!

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