4 weeks pictures

The kittens are playing more and more, seemingly trying to kill each other. I get very scared sometimes from these little killer claws going for the other kitten’s eyes… but somehow they do not end up hurting each other.

Come on, if you dare!

Down with these ears. You are a Siamese, not a bunny!

I said 'down with the ears'!

They did not starting eating other food yet. We tried, but they want only Jossan’s milk. They like to jump into whatever I give them on a plate and make a mess. That is fun. πŸ™‚

It wasn't me!

3 comments on “4 weeks pictures

  1. Not wanting other food yet? I beg to differ .. I think ONE of them has decided that sibling’s nose is delicious! lol!!! Thank you .. they are BEAUTIFUL !! I hope you are having a lot of fun…

    • Yes, noses seem to be very yummy! That and mom’s milk bar. πŸ™‚ They tried to nurse on Albert as well, but that did not work. Poor Albert, he let the little leeches attach to his tummy and just looked at me in shock.

  2. Poor Albert !! My Saffy, had stopped sucking on my arm a while ago – if you remember she used to suck my arm all the time since we found her! Anyway we were recently in the UK to visit family, and Saffy was staying with friends. Since we have had her back, she has snuggled more, and started sucking my arm again from time to time ! WHAT a baby!! Mind you .. she has also brought me three large lizards in from the garden too! I had to save the poor things and take them out again into the shade .. minus their tails !!! ow!

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