6 weeks

The kittens turned 6 weeks yesterday! They are not so small anymore and they have the playpen always open and only for fun; they are in the whole room even when we are not there. We tried to make it as kitten-proof as possible.

Last week we had a visit from Tjabo’s (Antoine from A-litter) owner Agneta who was in Stockholm and came by to see the kittens. I had to count them when she was leaving. šŸ™‚

Rest time


High five!

The blue girl

The seal point girl and Albert. And the blue girl peeking.

2 comments on “6 weeks

  1. Oh ever more beautiful !! I know you will find them all wonderful new homes and good humans, but … how DO you let them go !! I would want to cuddle them all forever !! lol!!

    • Thank you! They are very cuddly. šŸ™‚

      It is very hard when they leave, we have experienced a lot of mixed emotions when the kittens from the previous litter moved out.

      We were both happy that they would get their own humans and be spoiled and loved and showered with all the attention they deserve, and at the same time we were sad they will not stay with us forever.

      We do our best to stay in touch with their new owners, it is a lot of joy for us to see how loved and happy the kittens are. But still, it is hard. You fall deeply in love with all those big personalities in small fluffy adorable bodies!

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