Chocolate or seal point?

We are not sure if Beatrice (the dark girl) is seal or chocolate point Siamese. I’ve sent the DNA- color test to UC Davis in California. That is the only way for us to know for sure.

The Siamese come in many colors, but the traditional four ones are:

  • seal (black that looks like dark brown on Siamese, the most common color),
  • blue (diluted black, looks like cold gray with a bluish tinge, like our Miii),
  • chocolate (milk chocolate, lighter and warmer than seal point) and
  • lilac (diluted chocolate, pinkish gray, like Jossan and Leroy).

When the kittens are small, their points are not as developed and  they are lighter than as they grow older, so sometimes it is hard to distinguish seal from chocolate (and blue from lilac). I am curious, and since different breeders had different opinions about Beatrice’s color, I had to test! I believe in science. 🙂 It is easy to take a DNA sample, it is a simple swab test.

Here are some pictures from yesterday’s photo session when we tried to take pictures of the paws on the masked kittens. Belle is blue, we are 100% certain about that, and right now I believe that Beatrice is chocolate. Look at the pictures. And – no, I am not torturing them!

The blue paw and the chocolate (or seal?) paw, 7 weeks old Siamese kittens

Belle, blue point Siamese girl, 7 weeks

Beatrice, chocolate (or seal?) point Siamese girl, 7 weeks old

6 comments on “Chocolate or seal point?

  1. Torturing them ?? !! No .. they looked far too laid back for you to be doing that !! lol!

    I don’t know if it helps, but my little Saffy’s paws are VERY dark and always have been since we found her aged around 12 or so weeks – and she is a Seal Point … her fur was pale [not cream though] and had a dark nose area and tips of ears/tail etc – all of these are very dark now and even her body has become quite dark too.

    • Your Saffy is a seal point, I am certain about that from the pictures I saw, but Beatrice is still so small.

      But I do think that Bea is a bit too warm in color to be a seal point. Also, Bea’s body is cream white, it is not cold whitish shade (your Saffy’s body fur was a cold shade when she was a kitten?).

      But from what I’ve read that is also different in different lines; American seal point Siamese usually have much better contrasts and lighter bodies than the European ones, and our cats have both American and English lines…

      The DNA test will tell the truth! 🙂

  2. No .. Saffy was a sort of .. deep beige rather than a cream … it is SO hard to tell !! Let’s await the DNA test !! How long will it take ???

    • I sent the test to California three days ago, and I did not receive the mail that it has arrived yet. It takes about 5-7 days for snail mail to arrive to the US from Sweden.
      I think that we will get the result in a week or ten days from now. Bea is getting warmer and more ‘chocolate’ in color every day, it seems, so I think she is chocolate. We’ll see.

      • Just to update this – Bea is a seal point Siamese indeed, with very nice contrasts. 🙂

        I had many discussions with different Siamese breeders, and the most of them thought she is chocolate because of her light body and great contrasts. Luckily, there is a possibility to DNA-test today, so now when we got the answer from UC Davis, we are certain. She is our little seal point Siamese girl.

  3. lol! That is so funny !! Just when you convince yourself she is a Chocolate – she turns out to be a Sealpoint !!! Typical of a Siamese to keep you guessing !!! Congratulations !!

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