8 weeks

Today we tried to take some pictures of the kittens. The light was nice, and Jocke and I were enthusiastic about a photo session, but it is so hard to take their photos! They glide, jump and turn around all the time.

There is one picture where we have three kittens looking in one direction and Beatrice sniffing at something. That is the best we got! But we’ve got some nice individual pictures here.

La Voix B-litter, 8 weeks old; Belle, Blanche, Balthazar and Beatrice

Beatrice is an action cat:

Beatrice, always in movement

Belle is thinking…

Belle is cute

2 comments on “8 weeks

  1. I love your names !! Balthazar eh ?? How regal !!! My daughter at the age of 3 called her new giant teddy .. Wenceslas .. and we all thought THAT was funny !! Your kittens are growing beautifully and I am so pleased for them and you !! Thank you for sharing these photos !

    • Thank you!

      I’ve just wrote about the names, the theme for their names was literature. Belle is from ‘Beauty and the Beast’, Balthazar – the boy from ‘The Neverending Story’, Beatrice as Dante’s muse and Blanche from ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’. 🙂

      Where did your daughter get that name from? Children can come up with all kind of interesting names and things. 🙂

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