Albert is neutered. The kittens turned 13 weeks and started moving out.

So much has happened lately.

Albert is neutered.

He will be fertile for a few more weeks, but his spaying is an irreversible process. It was not an easy decision to neuter Albert. He did not spray, and he was such a dream to have as a stud, but he got interested in Jossan and having him fertile would mean that we would have to keep him and Jossan separated during the time we are not at home. That is not an option. Physically it is possible, our house is big, but we do not want our cats to live lives like that. Pets come before breeding.

And he did get two litters of gorgeous kittens; four kittens in Oslo and five in Åkersberga, close to Stockholm.
So, he is neutered; our happy cuddly white cat.

B-litter turned 13 weeks

And they learned how to fly:

I can fly!

Belle and Blanche playing nicely

Blanche barks at the toy, and Bea aims to kill it, silently.

Belle, Blanche, Balthazar

Balthazar has moved yesterday to his new home.

The move went well. He spent the night bravely investigating the new place and cuddled and slept next to his own human for a few hours. He does not have a cat friend yet, but he will get one soon.

We are happy that he is one brave little kitten and that he is so much loved and cared for by his new owner already. He lives in Stockholm, so we will hopefully see him more often than some other of our kittens that moved out. Many live far away from us.

We wish all the best to little Balthazar and his human who is owned by him now!

4 comments on “Albert is neutered. The kittens turned 13 weeks and started moving out.

  1. Aw… kisses for poor Albert !! But I am sure he and all the cats will be much happier now …

    And much love to Balthazar and his new family !!! Is .. he keeping his name do you know ???

    • Thank you! 🙂 Albert is spending more and more time fetching his mice again. He was not that enthusiastic about the toys lately when his testosterone was peaking.

      Balthazar is keeping his name. Nathalie, his ‘mom’, was the one who named him! 🙂 I came up with the names for the girls.

      We got long reports about how it goes and it is all well; he is feeling more at home there. But it is a big new world for him, it is not easy! He slept curled next to Nathalie’s cheek and purred for the first time today when she cuddled him. 🙂

  2. I do like Balthazar’s name !! A bit long to call .. but I like it !!! Seems like he is happy too .. a purring Siamese is so lovely !!!

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