Albert’s art piece

This is what waited for me when I got up this morning:

That is my pink backpack that Albert dragged and left on the floor. Also, there is a mouse that he previously ‘drowned’ in a water bowl (notice how my backpack is wet close to the mouse), and then ‘tied’ it behind the handle. It looked like a ritual killing committed by a psychopath!

Albert drowns toys in the water bowls and then leaves them in the food bowls and similar regularly, but this was a bit more advanced piece of work!

3 comments on “Albert’s art piece

  1. Oh, I’m so happy to have found a post about a fellow siamese!
    It is funny the way they use objects, isn’t?
    Ours also used to put the toys in water and food until we started hiding the toys, because otherwise the next stage starts- the eating of the prey, which is not fun at all.
    Once she literally ate the eyes of a toy dolphin and the eyes looked like that O.O, so she bit them off and swallowed them and then..erm.. gave them back by ( sorry) throwing up and so I found these kind of eyes O.O lying on the floor, half digested.

    Sorry, it probably was a bit too much for a first ever comment on your blog:)
    I enjoyed the photos a lot! I hope your backpack will be fine.
    I’m very excited to see other posts about Albert.

    • Thank you for liking Albert’s little art performance and for commenting!

      Luckily Albert does not eat toys, but he ended up in emergency for animals when he ate what turned out to be too much of dried chicken pieces (good for their teeth). He stole all the pieces from other cats and just swallowed them fast without chewing and that formed an indigestible ball in his tummy. We did not know what exactly happened, he just got very sick and cried and had pain in his tummy. We got so scared when they said that we must leave him in the hospital, that it may be liver cancer etc…

      I asked the veterinary – but, can it be so that he just ate some toy or something. The veterinary said: “No! Only dogs eat toys, cats never do that”.

      That is so not true and luckily they were wrong.

      The same day we picked Albert from the hospital, after he got enema that helped him empty his bowels, we met another cat that was there when we came, three days earlier. He was also fine, but he had to be operated, since he ate a piece of a shoelace! He was not that lucky as Albert to get it out only with help of enema.

      Yes, cats do eat toys and other inedible stuff! And all veterinaries should know that.

      I saw your cat blog! Your cat is very pretty, a striking black Oriental with green eyes!

  2. Oh, what a story!
    That’s exactly what I am afraid of! Usyaka tries to eat everything which is not nailed to the floor if she decides that’s her prey and anything can be her prey. It makes us keep our place quite clean, no relaxation about a button or a ribbon left around.

    You are totally right, cats do eat toys. That’s actually written in one of those books about cats, that some cats eat toys or something they play with in order to kind of finish their hunt logically.

    That’s so good enema helped Albert but he must have been so stressed that night in the hospital. Oh, I can imagine how stressed you were!

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