Kittens 5 months – update

The kittens from the B-litter have been living at their new homes for more than month and a half now. All of them are doing fine, and are very much loved by their other family members. Belle was a bit sick (she had a cough), but she got antibiotics and got well fast. Balthazar is called Phil now. Doyle and Phil, that sounds nice together.

I will post a few pictures that we got from the kittens’ new owners. Thank you for being so kind and for updating us about the kittens!

Blanche wants to go out. But, she is small, so for now all that she can do is can look at other cats in their little yard. But, is she happy with that?

Out! I want to go mewaoouuut!

She is so cute with her double teeth. 🙂

Belle is loved by her mom and also, by her Siamese friend Cayman. She loves Cayman too, so much that she is nursing on him. Poor Cayman is nice and lets her do it. He lost a bit of fur on his tummy, though. She will stop in a while on her own, kittens sometimes do that after they moved from their mom, it makes them feel secure.

Cute as always!

Belle and Cayman

Doyle is taking well care of Phil, whose ears are (I guess) always super clean!

Cleaned! The ears must be cleaned!

Sleepy guys

"I love you, you velvety tiger!"

And what does Bea say? Miriam cleans her as thoroughly as Doyle cleans Phil. She is very fond of climbing high up on shelves and wardrobes and tossing down the things that are fun to play with. She did not break anything so far. And we hope she doesn’t! 🙂

"Even I get tired sometimes!"

2 comments on “Kittens 5 months – update

  1. What beautiful photos again !!! I was only thinking of the kittens this morning !!!! You must have ‘heard’ me !! lol! I am so glad to see that they all love and are loved by their new pet friends … so sweet.

    Poor Cayman being nursed on like that! I can feel for him – Saffy STILL nurses on me, actually more in the last few months. She comes running over [usually first thing in the morning and last thing at night] – miaows at me and leaps up at the same time landing on my lap/chest … purrs deeply and loudly like a train …. puts a paw up on each side of my neck like a ‘cuddle’ and nurses and continues to purr !! It’s very friendly of her and I love it really – but it DOES make typing on the computer hard as her tail and bottom is in the way !!! BTW, it was interesting to hear Blanche’s miaows … because they are so different from Saffy’s! Saffy’s miaows are SO high pitched …almost a squeek !!

    She also growls well we discovered – as the new dog Toby STILL chases her … and she faces him and spits at him, fluffing herself right up so she looks like a ball ! And then she does that low, evil sounding growl ….. the ‘Get out of here dastardly dog or face your doom!!!’ I SO hope they can becomes friends soon.

  2. Miii’s meows are also high pitched! Kittens’ dad Goofy has a soft voice, but the most of the offspring got strong vocal powers of their mom Jossan and grandfather Leroy.

    I think it is so cute when kittens nurse on their favorite humans or cat (or a dog… some do that also!), it shows so much trust and love. No one of our cats ever nursed on us or on others. Leroy is kneading on his sheep shaped pillows. Maven is also kneading often on anything soft or sometimes on us. 🙂

    I am sure that Toby and Saffy will become friends! Dogs are a bit intense for cats, but they learn eventually how to communicate. Saffy must discipline him first, he he. 🙂 Good luck to the little cat with her new furry friend! 🙂

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