Jossan, October 2011

I look at Jossan in amazement every day. This little, slender cat that weighs 3kg and still looks like a kitten is mom of 11 big kittens. She is still my baby and looks the same as she did 3 years ago. She is turning 4 in December this year.

This is a picture of her in our corridor, taken by our friend Daniel Brolund. He took it really fast; he entered the house at the same moment as she exited the room. She was so surprised to see him coming in.

I like the reflex in the mirror that shows her perfect profile. She is so beautiful!

2 comments on “Jossan, October 2011

  1. You are right .. she IS beautiful!! A very clever photo showing her profile too. She looks so sweet! BTW – what day is her birthday?

    I am glad you are still posting photos of your beautiful cats ….

  2. Thank you!

    Jossan has three siblings (one of them is Miii. Their brother, Gandhi, lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. The third sister, Noora, lives with one family in Stockholm). They were born on 27th December 2007. That was a nice X-mas present to her breeder and us! 🙂

    Leroy got his daughter delivered to him 3 months later and has taken care of her and helped her bring up her offspring since then. 🙂

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