Arista and Aslan, 8 months

I get pictures of Albert’s kittens from Norway regularly from their breeder, Janne. All the kittens (of course) got their good looks from both of their parents, but Arista is princess-like and girly like her mom, while Aslan who is called Gabriel at his new home in the north of Norway is very similar to Albert in his looks! He was Albert’s mini-me since he was a kitten. I also see on the photos that Arista holds her head and has poses like her mom, while Aslan really looks and moves like Albert.

Here are two pictures of Albert’s kittens Arista and Aslan (Albert is father to two more kittens in Norway – two lilac point girls. He also fathered five kittens in Sweden. All of them have good homes and are healthy and happy). Many more pictures can be found here, on Janne’s blog. Aslan’s picture is taken by his ‘mom’ and Janne took picture of Arista.

Aslan, 8 months

Arista, 8 months

Albert, 20 months

Don’t you think that Albert’s kittens look like him? I think he cannot deny them! 🙂

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