Leroy likes cabbage

Leroy is a funny cat. He is crazy about white cabbage. When he sees one, he meows and stretches with his front paws on my legs and asks and demands a piece of it! I googled and found that white cabbage is not bad for cats (and most cats do not care about it at all) so he gets it once in a while.

He is so happy when he gets it, he likes it more than his favorite cat candy! Archimedes (Ash), his grandson, is crazy about melons and Leroy likes them too, but he does not get them, because of all the sugar they contain.

Our other cats do not understand Leroy’s excitement about the cabbage. They tried and keep on trying to chew on it, but – nothing! They just do not like it.

Albert does not understand! Why does grandpa think that cabbage is tasty?

Jossan actually hit Leroy today on the head lightly with her paw after she tried a piece of cabbage (again) and found (again) that it does not taste well!

She thought that Leroy is silly and was so upset that she had to hit him in order to demonstrate how frustrated she was. It was funny.

She does that seldom, since Leroy is her dad who brought her up and she is not really bossing him around, but she is still a queen, which makes her and her opinions very important in our little cat pride. Cats do not have ranks like dogs, they have different roles, that do include a bit of ranking, but it is more loose and different than in dog packs.

Jossan does not understand either.

8 comments on “Leroy likes cabbage

    • Thank you! 🙂

      Exactly! I keep on telling to Jossan the same thing – Leroy can eat whatever he wants as long as it is not our flowers or something poisonous. But Jossan thinks that things she does not understand should be objected about in the language of the Paw!

  1. Haha!

    Vi kan ju prova att ge honom kål också. Jag provade att ge honom broccoli för ett par dagar sedan men de var inte populärt.
    Ash älskar ju melon så mycket att han går upp på bordet för att få en smakbit eller försöker sig på ett “shark attack- hopp” när melonen trasporterars mellan matbordet och våra munnar. Han gillar tydligen krukväxter också då han käkade upp en av min mammas krukväxter i julas med god aptit. Helt ogenerad stog han och mumsade medan hela min familj stog och skrattade åt honom. Kollade upp krukväxten på internet och den var inte farlig för katter så det var väl bra att han tugga på den och inte en av de giftiga.

    Ha det fint

    • Albert gillar grönsallad och alla slags sallad. Han är vår lilla kossa. Leroy tuggar på det också, men inget kommer ens nära kål. 🙂

      Jag förstår att Ash var ogenerad, han är ju ‘kungen’ och får tugga på vad han vill! 😀 Pussa honom och Brock så mycket!

      Kram, Jelena.

  2. Oh dear…that was so cute & funny to read…! your kitties sound delightfully comical, with headstrong temperaments.
    I too have an oriental tom (a korat) who is just as greedy with his vegetables; he mostly loves woffling my green beans, brussel sprouts and courgettes–we haven’t tried white cabbage yet ! Leroy is such an inspiration! ;D
    Very handsome furry babes you have there, congratulations 🙂

    • Thank you! They are pretty funny cats, with a lot of integrity and interesting food preferences. 🙂
      Korats are so pretty! I can imagine that they have similarities with Siamese, because of their origin. Korats are still quite rare in Europe. There are a few breeders in Sweden.

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