Albert understands that most things do not just happen randomly. He sees that we sometimes get what he wants and do it, so he is trying to teach us more complex communication.

It is not easy. We are not that clever and we do not always understand what he wants. We keep on trying!

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3 comments on “Blahblah

  1. He really is! It is only recently that he started having longer conversations. Albert is getting smarter every day. I can really see how he is getting more complex thoughts and becoming better in communicating (as so do we) as time goes by.

    Here he wanted me to get one specific toy and play with him instead of clicking with my camera (Albert does not mind the camera, he is usually happy to pose, it is just that back then he thought about that toy). And then Jocke made noise and Albert got distracted and forgot about what he wanted. But I took out the toy anyway and we played. 🙂

  2. He is so funny !!! I would love to hear his voice if that is possible sometime ? Saffy’s voice is VERY high pitched and squeaky! I know some Siamese have much deeper voices .. rougher …

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