Albert is hurt

Our Easter was not that good; we spent two days in animal hospitals.

Last Friday Albert fell from the kitchen cupboard when he tried to jump down. He did not see me next to the cupboard, in the line of his ‘flight’ before it was too late. He tried to avoid jumping on my head and landed on the edge of one chair with his abdomen and chest. At first he seemed fine, but then he hid and was silent and did not want to play with us. I tried to lift him and check him, and he cried. I felt something hard and sharp poking out of his chest (but no blood or so) and we called one animal hospital where they told us to come there with him for X-ray and an exam.

After some waiting time in the hospital we finally got to see the veterinary and she thought that Albert seemed fine. He was silent and tried to wrestle out of her hands when she wanted to examine him, so she concluded he is ok and no X-ray was needed! We were very surprised, and pointed out the bone or something poking out of his chest and she said ‘Maybe it is a rib, maybe it is piece of his breast bone, in any case we do not do anything about it’. He did not get painkillers either, since she thought he didn’t have any pain! She told us though to monitor if his skin gets paler (in the case of spleen injury) and to come there again if that happens.

That vet was not a speciallist in cats; not very knowledgable about their behaviour anyway, IMO. Cats are experts in hiding pain, especially in front of strangers! What could we do – we paid and went home.

Albert; it is hard to find a position that does not hurt

Albert; it is hard to find a position that does not hurt

Albert got worse on Saturday and yesterday, and the place of injury got swollen and red and poor cat could not lie as usual and had some pain while breathing. We waited one day to see if he would get better and then yesterday we went to another hospital, Albano (I am really not happy with the first one, Västerort djursjukhus, every time we go there we pay a lot and only sometimes we felt we got a good care for our cats). We called Albano before we went there and they were surprised that Albert was not X-rayed and that he got no meds in Västerort djursjukhus. So we went to Albano.

After 6 hours of waiting (it is Easter, and few veterinaries were working) Albert got an x-ray and exam. Good news – no fracture or inner organs injury. Bad news – one bone has dislocated (the one poking out of his chest) and there is an injury of connecting tissue. The operation to move back the bone would be too complicated and risky. He will probably have a bone poking out of his chest forever, but it will not hurt him after the inflammation has calmed down. Now he got an antinflammatory medication/painkiller (Metacam) and we hope he will get better fast.

Albert is one happy and playful cat; he is playing even now, although he has pain, but then he gets tired and he cannot lie down as usual, so he has to find a position that won’t hurt him as much. Breathing hurts as well.

Here is an X-ray of his injury, the green line shows where the dislocated bone was situated before, and the red arrow points to where it moved.

Albert's thorax X-ray

Albert's thorax X-ray

The injury looks so small on the X-ray, but it is pretty big and swollen in reality. You can see it a bit here on the picture where I hold him so I can show it; I did not want to stretch him too much. It is worse than it looks on the pic, the fur is hiding how bad it is.

Albert hurt

Albert hurt

Poor Albert. 😦 We give him a lot of love and care and hope he will get better soon. Also, I put a few boxes on the top of the cupboard, so that no cat can jump there again.

18 comments on “Albert is hurt

  1. Oh dear little Albert we are so sorry to hear your news.- Please rest and heal,
    your many friends around the world are sending you good wishes.

    • Thank you! 🙂 Albert is not resting at the moment; he brought me a mouse to toss so that he could fetch. He is in pain, but he still wants to play!

  2. hej
    om ni går till en duktig kiropraktor så kan han hjälpa er. Jag har två vita siameser vars far är Edo Creme de luxe. Om ni inte kan få hjälp där så kan ni rita och beskriva så noga som möjligt med rätt storlek och var den satt och var den har hamnat. Är han forfarande inflammerad och svullen?

    • Ja, det är fortfarande inflammerat och rätt svullet. Vi har ju en röntgenbild på skadan, men jag vet inte om det finns duktiga kiroprakorer för katter och om de kan hjälpa med hans skada. Veterinären sade att det vore rätt komplext att operera och att man inte kan liksom peta tillbaka benet.

      Pussa halvsyskonen från oss! Hoppas att allt är bara bra med dem.

    • We thought that the first vet was a bit arrogant (she was nice, but pretty determined that Albert has no pain and that it was is not a big deal).

      What I think is arrogant is to assume that you know that animal you’ve never met before is not in pain, when he has an apparent injury and their owners tell you that the animal showed them that he is in pain. All cats are individuals, and Albert is like his mom Jossan; he is hiding his pain in front of a vet he does not know.

      A good vet should listen to us owners, since our poor animals cannot talk. And even if I were a crazy cat lady, and my husband were, hmmm, I donno – a crazy cat guy, and we were just imagining that our cat is in pain, still – Albert’s bone was protruding from his chest under the skin! How more obvious can it get!?

      • You are 100% correct Jelena!

        I would be seething with anger if my Vet behaved that way! I must say I have met plenty of Doctors with the “god complex” but never a Vet?! In fact I’d prefer to visit my Vet for my own health than my doctor! :0)

        It is beyond my comprehension that even though she’d never met Albert, could clearly see the protruding Bone AND you were explaining how Albert injured himself her response and behaviour was completely unacceptable! Bordering on neglectful! I would write or contact the Vets and demand my Vet fees to be refunded! (But then again I’m a hotheaded Scot!) :0)

        Charlotte xx

  3. Oh, stakkars Albert, det var trist å lese! Sønnen din, Gabriel, ønsker deg riktig god bedring!!
    Mange gode tanker og hjertelige hilsener fra Nord-Norge!

    • Tusen tack!
      Jag har gått genom det som hänt många gånger i huvudet, men det var svårt att förutse; det var en osannolik händelse; a freak accident.
      Det var tur i oturen att han inte fick en värre skada med tanke på var han fick smällen.
      Pussa Gabriel och dina andra missar från oss!

  4. Poor Albert!

    This brought tears to my eyes! It’s awful when animals hurt themselves. You feel so helpless & it’s frustrating and heartbreaking! :’o(

    You are right! Cats are masters of pain control. I cannot believe the terrible service and lack of care at the Vets! They sent him away without pain meds?! Poor, poor Albert! So sad. What can you do though? Siamese are very active & love getting themselves into the most awkward situations! They are fearless at times.

    Casper is very much the same! He wants to reach/jump places that he shouldn’t! I’m glad to hear that Albert is showing signs of improvement & is on the mend. If he is playing that is wonderful. Have you considered taking him to another Vet for a second… (well I suppose it would be a third) opinion? I know you’ve already seen two different Vets but the first one sounded completely useless! I know it’s expensive but you would think there must be something they could do? Although if it isn’t going to cause Albert any further problems I guess all you can do is keep your eye on the situation? Sending Albert LOTS of positive vibes from Scotland! Get well soon Albert! Much love!

    Oh, also I sent you a friends request on FaceBook so you can see pics of my terrible two! :0) I hope that is ok? :0)

    Kind Regards

    Charlotte xx

    • Yes, please, (re)send me a FB request. I still did not get one.

      I will call other veterinaries (our two regular ones) tomorrow when they open; Albert fell on Friday, at start of four non-working Easter days, so only some hospitals were open.

      My impression is that there are few good cat health specialists in Stockholm; many more veterinaries are specialists in dog health problems.

      I also know that some conditions in cats are treated with medications or operations in the US and Great Britain, for example, but not here; we discussed it in our cat club before; where do you draw the line in helping animals? Some of us think that we are behind in Sweden, some others think that the pet owners are going too far in other countries. At the same time, I think that animals in Sweden in general get better care than people at doctor’s, but that is another story…

      • Hi Jelena!

        I have re-sent the FB friends request. Hopefully this time it works? :0)

        I understand the dilemma. I believe that as long as the animal is not in any pain or disadvantaged/disabled by its injury then it probably is best left alone?

        I am very lucky that the town in which I live has a Vet who owns Siamese and has a passion for them. My ex-boyfriends Lilac point was hit by a car about 16 years ago, (the Cat has passed now). When he was struck by the car his hind leg, (left side) was literally hanging off! It just so happened that the Vet on call at the time the accident happened was the Vet that owned Siamese and was very fond of the Cat. He managed to save his leg but told my ex & his family that any other Vet would have probably amputated?

        I guess it comes down to the individual Vet? Anyway I guess it’s never a good idea to put animals under Anesthesia unless absolutely necessary?

        Kind Regards

        Charlotte xx

  5. Oh poor wee thing! Poor Albert! It was horrible enough that he injured himself, but to be treated so callously and poorly by that first vet is just dreadful and I hope you pursue that further as someone like that shouldn’t be practicing at all!

    Sending Albert love, cuddles and prayers for a good and quick recovery.

    Btw, we are in Scotland with our family at the moment, and Saffy and our two dogs are staying with friends back home in Portugal.

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