Albert is better

Today Albert dragged one of Jocke’s dirty socks from the laundry basket to our bed and left it on his pillow to welcome him home after a long day at work.

I went into the shower and Albert was in the bathroom, on the highest shelf, balancing from the shelf to the window and back like a little monkey, patiently waiting for me to be done so I could cuddle with him.

We heard a stampede of mini buffaloes up the stairs and see grandpa Leroy being hunted by a tiny white beast, faster than lightning.

Bebis is much better! Especially the sock present (yuck! But he never leaves it on my pillow, always on Jocke’s, and I am grateful for that!) shows that he is feeling great.

We see that Albert is in less pain; the medicine helps, and also, cats heal faster than humans. He is still swollen, but less. He breaths with no discomfort.  His bone is still protruding though.

Today I looked for a cat chiropractor/osteopath nearby, for a second opinion, but there are only a few who treat horses, and one who treats dogs and horses. I found a few messages on the net from other people (in Sweden) whose cats have various problems, with spine and legs that wondered about a chiropractor for cats. Others, among them veterinaries, answered that that is a not very practiced or common skill in Sweden.

I also read more about that bone and how dangerous it could be if it is pushed inwards, so I do not think I’d dare let even an experienced cat chiropractor (if we find one) manipulate our Albert’s bone. We’ll see what happens, he seems to have less pain and the tissue is healing.

2 comments on “Albert is better

  1. How is Albert doing now ?? How is that bone?? I hope he is recovering and that the bone has perhaps stopped being so prominent!!

    BTW: When I post here it keeps changing my name !! So if you see TealRose, TealRose1 or Susan J — it’s all ME !!! The lady with Saffy the Sealpoint in Portugal !

    • Thank you, Susan! 🙂

      Albert is completely fine, he is not swollen at all at the injury site. He has no pain, and he is as lively as he’s been before. The bone is dislocated, but it is not visible, the fur hides it. I can feel it when I lift him and I can see it when I remove the fur to look.

      We are still waiting too see if the muscles will pull it back a bit more, but as it is now, it is the best not to do anything with it, according to the vets. I think so, too. He has no pain and it does not stop him from doing anything he did before. It is a pretty small deviation from the ribcage now, actually. I think that the muscles did pull it back slightly.

      Albert, our naughty baby! He got us so worried! 🙂

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