First plants on the balcony

Today we had one sunny day after a lot of rain and cold last week, so we tried to arrange the balcony a bit. We want to grow plants that cats like to eat (like lettuce and Roman salad), also, herbs that we use in cooking and flowers that are not poisonous to cats.

It is a whole summer project, I guess, but the first plants (if I do not count pelargoniums that hang outside of the net, towards the street) have moved to the balcony today.

Albert: “Work fascinates me. I can watch humans work for hours and hours.”

The cats smelled the plants carefully (that is, all cats except Albert; Albert chewed on everything but rosemary). Jossan chewed on some salad as well. The cats seem to appreciate our efforts (or, at least, they do not complain, and they showed a lot of interest in gardening).

“Rosemary, what is that good for?”

“Salad, on the other hand…”

“… yes, salad is tasty!”

Miii: “Hmmm, lavender…”

“… yuck! That is probably not edible (if you are not Albert, that is)! It smells like a hand soap!”

Leroy, The King

4 comments on “First plants on the balcony

  1. Haha! Oh Albert! I’m sure he must be related to Casper?! We cannot have any flowers, plants etc. in the home, (other than Cat Grass). He is more like a puppy than a Cat! He has a penchant for chewing anything wooden also… strange Cat!

    I wish our Cats could get out for some fresh air but our garden isn’t Cat-proof) ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Love the photo of Albert “licking his lips” so cute! :0) xx

    • Albert also likes to chew on small pieces of wood and he likes to leave them in our bed (ouch!) and sometimes he ‘makes tea’ of them, how we call it; he puts it in the cats’ water bowls.

      We must improve our net system, we left some holes in it close to the wall, but so far the cats seem very happy with it. It was not expensive, 59 EUR, Karlie net, really big one and easy to put; 6x3m Like this one here.

    • It is slugs, but of course! ๐Ÿ˜€

      My slug is one white and pretty furry creature! I bet yours is also hairy, of a masked type. Another rare kind! ๐Ÿ˜€

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