Hello world! C-litter is here!

Jossan gave birth to six beautiful Siamese kittens yesterday, May 17, two days before we expected the delivery.

I was sick at home for two days and yesterday even Jocke was at home, since it was a holiday in Sweden  and it appears that Jossan thought that it was a good opportunity to deliver the babies. She started showing that it is delivery time about 14h, but then we were not sure if it was just a drill. She decided to deliver them in our bed, it seemed, so Jocke gently took her up to the room that was meant for the kittens. We just had steamed it yesterday morning and the clean kitten towels were tumble drying when she started!

5 out of 6 kittens came out with tail first, which is less common and a bit harder for mom. They weighed 94, 96, 92, 92, 92 and 106 grams and are all pretty even in size and looks. I did not check their gender. The first one was born at 16:00 and the last one at 20:41. Jossan was tired, and we cleaned the kittens as they were delivered, and cleaned her and cut the umbilical cords as usual. After she was done, we moved her and the kittens into another, clean tipi and put new sheets and towels in there.

I had fever (still sick) and were so scared that something would go wrong, but I held Jossan’s paws during the whole delivery and talked soothingly to her and pretended I were brave. Everything went well! Our brave cat!

This morning we weighed the small ones again and they went up in weight and weigh between 100 and 114 gr now. Not bad! 🙂

They are very alert, and when I came this morning they even hissed at me. 🙂 They are blind and deaf, they only feel smells and warmth now. I did not smell like mom, I guess, so our mini lions showed their lion heart, not even a day old, and tried to scare me away from their nest by hissing! I love cats, they are amazing animals with big hearts. Here are some pictures of Jossan’s small wonders.

Siamese kittens, almost one day old!

Jossan is eating well, and we feed her mostly in the tipi. She is such a good mom, she does not want to leave her babies at all now.

C-litter, day 1

C litter, day 1

C litter, day 1

Small Siamese babies are the softest pillows ever!

16 comments on “Hello world! C-litter is here!

  1. Congratulations from Northern Norway! So cute!! I will tell this to uncle (?) Aslan-Gabriel :-).
    Best Wishes,

  2. This was a lovely update to wake up to this morning!- (I always check my emails when I first wake!)

    This is so previous! Congratulations to Jossan and well done for delivering all of those absolutely, adorable Kittens! There are no words to describe how amazing and cute they are! I am pleased both mum and babies are doing well but I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling so poorly Jelena! I really hope you are feeling a little better now & I hope you get well soon!

    Thank you for posting the pics of the babies! They are so previous it brings a tear to your eye! Mum looks nice and relaxed, (or just shattered?) in the pics.

    I love ‘C Litter Day One’ photo where baby has his/her chin on mum whilst they sleep, (totally reminds me of Casper!) CUTENESS OVERLOAD!

    I know from talking with other breeders how much work is required by the breeder looking after the kittens, (like having a baby but probably more demanding?) So I really hope you are feeling better!

    What a wonderful blog entry!

    Kind Regards

    Charlotte xx

    • Thank you! 🙂
      It takes a lot of energy and it is very emotionally craving to help with the delivery and care for the small ones. But they come first; they exist because of us, and we must do everything for them. They are so small and fragile, so dependent on us! It is a huge responsibility to be a breeder. I may write a longer post about it some time. I think about it often.

  3. Gratulerer! De ser veldig fine ut, nydelige småtasser! det blir veldig spennende å høre om der er noe hvitt i dagene fremover 🙂

    God bedring!

    • Tack! Vi får se om det blir någon FW. Jag har inte ens kollat vad de har för kön, jag är rätt dålig på att se det så tidigt.
      Bara att de mår bra och växer, snart kommer lite färg på öronkanterna hos vissa. 🙂

  4. Good Morning – Good Life Little Siamese Babies !!! What a lovely surprise for you and for us too !! I am so pleased it went well for Jossan and to see she has 6 kittens too !! They are so beautiful, so cute, so … delicious !! lol!!!

    I hope you feel better yourself Jelena, you are going to need that energy soon !

    Much love and ‘parabéns’ [congratulations] from Portugal !! I hope to see more photos in a few days when everyone is settled !! Kisses to Jossan and the babies XXXX [and you too !]

    • Thank you! I try to take photos, but Jossan is not that thrilled with my flash. I try not to disturb her too much with the camera. She does not mind herself, but I think she is worried about her babies.
      They are very well protected in their tipi, with additional layers of fabric that I wet from time to time and half hang it over the tipi opening in order to make the air there less dry; humidity is good for small sensitive lungs and noses. (We cannot use the air humidifier for the room, Jossan is not happy about the noise it makes. We do what pleases Jossan 🙂 ).

    • Thank you! They are adorable, and they already went up between 12 and 18% of their weight during their first day! They are still so tiny though! 🙂

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