C-litter, one week old

Yesterday Jossan did something we did not think she was capable of; she moved the kittens! She moved them to a much smaller tipi, that Leroy usually uses when he is in the kittens’ room and watches them. Now it is crowded, but she is happy and we let them be this way for now. We may be puzzled why she moved her kittens, but she knows why.

Smaller tipi – much better!

We think that we have one seal point girl, one blue (maybe chocolate) boy and three white or lilac boys and one lilac or white girl. The seal point girl was the first one to open her eyes. The others are still opening them.

Seal (or blue) point girl

C-litter, day 7

Kitten, one week old, sleeping on Jossan’s back

White and seal (or blue) point girl, one week old

4 comments on “C-litter, one week old

    • Jag vet! Hon är så söt med sina stora ögon, kommer till tippis kant och tittar på oss… och sedan somnar hon inom 5 sekunder… Så söt! Alla börjar öppna ögonen mer och mer nu och börjar förstå, precis som kattungarna förut, att det finns en hel stor värld där ute. 🙂

  1. Oh they are so precious and beautiful !!! Perhaps Jossan likes the feel of the kittens being closer in the smaller tipi ?? I am sure she is going to be moving them back again fairly soon as they grow bigger !! I love that Leroy watches the kittens – that is so sweet.

    PS My husband just came over and saw the photos – he is in love with them too now !!!

    How are you now, I know you were sick ??

    • I also think she wants them to be on a pile!

      Maybe she is afraid they might crawl a bit further from her in the bigger tipi, fall asleep there and lose the precious source of warmth coming from mom’s body. I saw them sleeping many times, and they always wake up and crawl back to mom if they are away, but I understand she is worried.
      We do as she wants, she is mom; she knows what’s best for her babies. 🙂

      Thank you, I am much better! That was a bad cold, but I was mostly scared about the kittens and Jossan. Jocke was here all week with them, he took a week off and fed Jossan and made her company. He complains though that Jossan showed clearly that his company is acceptable, but still – second best. Yes, she is my cat…

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