Big tipi again

Jossan and I had a difference of opinions which ended in moving the kittens back to the big tipi (we did that on Friday). I also removed the small tipi from the room. She told me “Blahblahblah…” and was not thrilled with what we did, but – the kittens went unequally up in weight, since not all of them could nurse when they wanted to – there was not enough space for her to stretch. Now, a day after we moved them, they went back to going well and equally up in weight, so Jossan just has to accept she does not know best all the time. Neither do we; we humans and the big cats have to cooperate.

Two moms!

But, there are advantages with the big tipi; Leroy can come in and lick the small bottoms and the rest of the furry balls. My impression is that the kittens understand that Leroy is mom with no milk, but they do not yell that much when he licks them. It is okay. All of them have opened their eyes.

Nursing and being cleaned at the same time!

Everyone is resting

5 comments on “Big tipi again

  1. Leroy is SO maternal !!! lol!! It’s lovely that he loves kittens so much – and that Jossan isn’t protective and lets him in to cuddle and clean them! My husband David and I are enjoying these photos so much – thanks for sharing !!

    • Thank you! 🙂

      Leroy is a very special cat. We had no idea when we bought him that we will be so lucky and that he will become the most caring and coolest Siamese ever. He is the reason we breed Siamese.

      Jossan lets all the cats come close enough to see the babies, but Miii and Maven are not allowed to come too close when kittens are this small. Later they will be able to play with them.

      Leroy and Albert are allowed to come into the tipi, but Albert is both curious and scared of the kittens when they are so small, so he comes, makes funny sounds, and goes away, all emotional. He will play a lot with them soon, I think.

      Leroy practically brought Jossan up since she was 12 weeks and moved to us from her mom, and Leroy was also Albert’s and all other kittens’ nanny from the start, so I think that Jossan trusts him completely (and so do we). 🙂

  2. Vad fina de är! Grattis grattis. Phil hälsar till sina syskon och vi alla andra hälsar och hoppas att allt går bra 🙂

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