7 weeks; gremlins

The kittens are turning into gremlins. They are adorable, but their ears are in that unfortunate bunny phase. They also move around in large numbers and attack various moving and still objects.

We have decided upon the names for the kittens. The girls will be called: Chloé (seal point) and Claire (white). We picked French girls’ names we liked most for them and thought suited them.

The boys will be caled: Corto (lilac point), and the white boys: Casper, Calvin and Charlie, as in: Corto Maltese (Jelena’s favorite comic), Casper the friendly ghost, Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes, and Charlie as Charlie Brown.

The white brothers – “The monster must die!”

Casper – “Hmmm, this room is new for me.”

Charlie – “Do I look like I have time for posing? I must run!”

Corto to Chloé: “My toy!”

Another time, another place… Again – MY TOY!

Claire – “Gracious? Who, me?! Always!”

Calvin as Dr Jekyll

and – as Mr Hyde

7 comments on “7 weeks; gremlins

  1. Aw so very sweet !!! Chloe was the name of our late dachshund and she was a sweetie !!! Your Chloé is very beautiful !!! And while I think they are ALL beautiful – I adore Caspar !!!!! I don’t know why …. but … I do !!! lol!! XXXXX

    • Yes, it is a ‘horde’, that is a word we frequently use here. Gremlins” and “mini buffalos”, too. 🙂 It is nice to be woken up by sounds of many small paws running around on the floor above us.

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