Albert, after operation

Albert fell in April and hurt a part of his chest bone, sternum. It was a dramatic jump (that turned to a fall) from a cupboard to the edge of a chair. The first veterinary we went to basically ignored a bone poking out of Albert’s chest and us saying that he is in pain, so we went to another veterinary where he was x-rayed, got pain medication and diagnosed with a dislocated part of sternum. Several days later I called our vet Buba (the first two were in the emergency animal hospitals, since, of course, Albert chose to try to be extra acrobatic on Easter!) and he said that we should wait and see if the bone will go back after some time or not.

Well, the bone did not go back, so we went to our veterinary with Albert for his yearly vaccine and evaluation a few days ago. It was not good. A little piece of the bone was of course still poking out of Albert’s chest and he was not too comfortable with being carried (he was never a fan of that, but it got worse). I do not think he was in constant pain, but he was aware of his bone, and may have had pain occasionally. Cats are good in hiding pain, although I hope that Albert, being a a drama-loving cat who usually shows what he feels, would have communicated to me if he was in a lot of pain after the initial swelling went down.

That protruding piece of the bone was a bit risky to stay as it is, since if Albert ran into things or fell in a wrong way, he risked a further, potentially serious injury. And his behavior was obviously influenced by it. Buba recommended an operation and we agreed. So we came there the next morning with our little white furry baby who was not happy to be without food the whole night and driven in the car instead of cuddling in the bed.

The operation went well and we picked Albert the same afternoon. Well, it turns out that he actually did not have a dislocation, but a bone fracture back in April! The bone healed as bent and broken as it was, so the part that was fractured could not be removed in its whole original length, since now it was a part of the big breast bone structure. But the tip that was bent and protruding could be cut off and that is what Buba did.

sternum fracture, Albert’s x-ray before the operation, August 2012

I got that tip home with me. Some people might be sensitive if I they see it (my dad was; he already was so sorry for and empathizing with poor Albert, and then when he saw the picture of the bone tip, he suffered physically), so I posted the pic here so that it is not visible in the text.

Albert got anti-inflammatory painkiller for cats (Metacam) and antibiotics (Vetrimoxin). He was in some pain the first day, and a bit yesterday, but now he is feeling better. It seems that he is healing fine. He was playing with the kittens today and running around. In a week we are going back to Buba to remove the stitches. I cannot say enough how good he is, our veterinary Buba. It is the same as for human doctors, empathy and skills have to go together, it is not enough just to be skilled. Luckily, he is both.

Albert after operation, a part of his ribcage and tummy is shaved and he has a few stitches, it is a very small cut.

Thank you everyone who sent greetings and held fingers crossed for our little Albert! Soon he will be as well as he was before his Easter adventure! Warm hugs from us and our cat family!

11 comments on “Albert, after operation

  1. Oh POOR Little Albert !!! That is such a shame for him! That piece of bone wasn’t so small! I am glad he is healing .. and hope he feels better soon. Meanwhile … I am sure Mr Drama Queen is enjoying every bit of your attention, cuddles and kisses !!! Please give him one or two from me too and from Saffy!

    • Thank you! Albert is spoiled very much. 🙂 He is pretty fine now, and spends his time mostly taking care of his small siblings as he did before. He does not mind the stitches that much at all.

  2. Aww! Go Albert! So glad & pleased to hear the vets have dealt with the issue properly & now Albert is on the mend. Lots of love & positive healing vibes from Scotland Albert! Get well soon!! Big hugs! 🙂 xxxx

  3. Thank you so much! Albert is not happy about the antibiotics, but he is healing well. He looks sometimes at his little shaved tummy and chest and the metal threads, and tries to lick them smooth, with little success. We will remove them in 6 days, then it is only fur that is left to grow back.

  4. We, Alberts son Gabriel and I, are very, very happy to read that the OP went well!! And I totally agree: a good vet with competency AND a good heart and a bit psychological talent for the cat owner 🙂 is very important ;-). Best wishes & lots of love to Albert from us in Northern Norway

  5. My mainecoon Oscar fractured his sternam on Thursday, our vet seem to think he will recover with rest. His is not sticking out like Alberts, but has bent upwards (towards his heart and lungs) he is on painkiller fluid and under house arrest at the moment. He has got to go back to the vets next Thursday. My main worry at the moment is although he is drinking well, he has not eaten much or used the litter tray ( or anywhere else ) Reading about Albert has given me hope that either he will recover, or that something can be done. All the best.

    • I hope Oscar gets better soon! He is probably not eating because of pain, Albert showed clearly that it hurt him a lot when the sternum was broken.

      There is Hills A/D wet food – that one can give cats when they don’t have much of an appetite and are hurt or sick. It tastes great, is very rich in nutrition and easy to swallow. They must eat, otherwise they can get problems with their liver. If you cannot get Oscar to eat much, maybe the vet can give him some fluid with vitamin B under the skin? He will probably start eating better when the swelling and the pain diminish. Poor Oscar. 😦

      Holding our fingers and paws that Oscar gets well soon!

  6. My cat got the same situation and the vet said the same thing your first vet said

    but we knew that somthing is wrong , googling for a while and found the name of this bone piece and found this article Thank you very much for sharing this , dont know u gonna see this comment or not

    we were going to ignore this

    but this article save our cat

    Thank you

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