The fat Siamese diary – part #2


The story of Leroy on a diet continues. Told as Leroy would probably tell it:

Day #8

I spent last night sleeping under the duvet between Mom and Dad, not moving at all (except for my ribcage, but only as much as necessary for breathing).

It was snowing outside and I must preserve all the heat I can. Dad says it is warm in our house, but hey, he’s a Swede, ‘warm’ is just a word to him. All of my ancestors, 20 generations back originate from Thailand. Hello – Thailand! A tropical country with 23°C minimal daily temperature in January! When was the last time we had 23°C in Stockholm? The hot summer of 1964?

I am looking forward to global warming. Yeah, yeah, people are against it, being worried about the survival of polar bears and Swedes. And what about me? What about ME?! 😦

The kitten food. I need it back for my insulation layer. The global warming is not here yet.

Day #10

Until today the best day of my life was when I got my beloved daughter Jossan as a personal present from Mom’s friend Monica. But, that was UNTIL today. Because – today – I am having the best day ever.

I am so full that I cannot move, lying like a big seal on the sofa. I might be a bit sick, but I am so happy that it does not matter that I might throw up soon. The soft white carpet is close, so I’ll be fine (I prefer throwing up my hair balls on white carpets and cashmere sweaters. Class matters).

Poor Mom. She is almost crying, showing the numbers on the scale to Dad who keeps on swearing that I must have gotten invisible and that it is not his fault that I am so fast and sneaky.

Mom is right, I am neither tiny nor fast and Dad is, well, the best Dad ever!

Earlier today he was about to let the Little One into the Green Room when for once the baby was useful. The Little One was all cute and purring so that Dad focused on cuddling with her while I crawled behind him from the corridor into the room and slid under the sofa where I kept silent and hidden until he left and closed the door behind him… leaving me with Bowl#1 and Bowl#2!!!

I ate so much that I could barely call someone to let me out when I was done.

So sick, but it was worth it… burp. :

Life is good again.

To be continued

5 comments on “The fat Siamese diary – part #2

  1. Poor, poor Leroy !!! lol!!! Seems like his brain cells were doing just fine on that ‘mud’ !!!! Perhaps… just cutting his food amounts down gradually would help and be easier on his and your mental state !!! lol!! I’d just cut down … a few tablespoons a day …. slowly. Winter is difficult. Even here where we are nowhere near as cold as you – Saffy is putting on weight for the winter. We’ll have to keep an eye on her – but she does go outside for much of the day and evening as we live in a forested area and she has great fun chasing mice, lizards etc …. and I would have thought there was LESS out there for her to catch now though! Last winter she got all chubby and I worried – until the spring came and she went out and ran about again and lost it all within a week or two. Leroy of course doesn’t get that because he is an indoors kitty!

    He may be a little ‘overweight’ but he IS beautiful !!!

    • Thank you, he is beautiful, we think that too! 🙂

      Our cats never got food in portions, they always had access to dry food and they also get wet meals once-twice a day. That was never a problem, but now when Leroy is a bit overweight and continues overeating, we have to control their food access also. It is also that we have a growing kitten, Claire here, and she eats often and in small amounts.

      We think that Leroy eats since he got bored and cannot go out now when it is cold (plus he got a bit addicted to the high calorie kitten food). But it is getting better! The key is to find him other small hobby rather than eating whenever he is not sure what to do.

      How good for Saffy that she can go out even now; you have milder winters that we do. Leroy would probably love to move to Portugal! 😀 (We would not mind living there part time either 🙂 Maybe, in the future).

      • We feed Saffy that way – ie dried food out and she eats when she wants it, with a little wet food once a day – but it must be hard with so many cats and ONE being a little bit more of a food-aholic ! I can’t imagine how you keep him busy, especially when you are out working.

        Our winters here are usually milder than yours that is very true – mind you last winter was totally dry in that it never rained from about December 5th till April – and that made the winter very cold. We usually get just a couple of nights that go down to say -3˚, but last winter we had many nights and some days that were at -10˚ ! Where we are in the north we are told we only get snow once in about 20 years – so I miss that. [I was born in London, but my husband is from Edinburgh, Scotland and we used to live up there for 25 yrs]

        Portugal is a lovely place to live, warm and reasonablly priced food and wine !! 🙂 Lovely reds or whites for just €1.20 a bottle !! One can pay more but these are so good for everyday ! You should visit Portugula some day – I am sure you would enjoy it !

  2. Poor Leroy indeed. I hope that the diet is successful.

    Thanks again, it was nice visiting! I’m going to have to start making my own ajvar or something, because the supermarket stuff is never going to be the same. I’ve even started to get annoyed at the bits of peel in it, which I didn’t mind much before!

    I hope that you meant ‘into the room’, though – it sounds like he has enough vices without involving intoxica(n)ts. 🙂

    • Haha. Swenglish. :-)`rum`->`room`. Sorry, will fix it. Thanks. 🙂
      We are on a cat exibition just now and Leroy got a CAP certificat and very nice words from the judge. She called him ‘a big boy’, not to hurt his feelings. 😉

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