Sleeping sacks

I wanted sleeping sacks for our cats since I saw the pink one on the pictures that Casper’s new Mom sent me. Casper is called Imre now and he lives with two Burmese ladies, Daphne and Octavia and one Cornish Rex boy, Matteo. 🙂

Matteo, Daphne and Imre (ex Casper) curled up in their sleeping sack. Pictures by their Mom Désirée

Looong legs!

Yesterday they finally arrived, our own sleeping sacks from Germany, , our favorite place for buying cat furniture! At first the cats were skeptical and more interested in a cardboard package than the sacks themselves. But today when I woke up, I found them in the blue room, sleeping like this:

Jossan and Miii

The Siamese pile; Leroy, Albert, Miii and Jossan. Claire is in my arms, ‘helping’ me hold the phone and take pictures. Maven is sleeping upstairs, she is not too fond of cat piles.

I waited for about a month for the sacks to arrive! That was pretty long. :/ I ordered those two (the first one is on the pictures): big sleeping bag and shell shaped tipi

Miii in particular is very fond of hiding under blankets, and I guessed correctly she will be the one most pleased with the sacks. And she is! The other (mussel shaped) tipi could easily hold two cats, but she kicks out the other ones out. Bad Miii! She really likes the new beds.

7 comments on “Sleeping sacks

    • There must be similar igloos in the US!

      Katzen-deko ships only to Europe for now. 😦 Their things are so good, they are made from a special fabric that is washable in 60°C and all the beds and tipis keep they form well, even after running them in tumble dryer. The fabric is soft and a bit fluffy, like a bath towel, but has no loops, so the small kittens cannot get their claws stuck and hurt themselves by trying to get untangled.

      I am really impressed with everything I bought from them. I hope you can find something similar for your furry babies!

  1. Hmm… they look so comfortable, I think I would like to hibernate in one for the whole of winter myself !! And I know Saffy would then hide there with me!

    When we first had Saffy we bought her a lovely little ‘house’ that was blue and matched her eyes and she loved it to death. Then one day she found a small discarded cardboard box in the kitchen – and won’t use her little house/bed! She also likes to sleep on the cushions on the kitchen chairs. Mind you, when our glass fronted fire is burning logs she loves to ‘steal’ my chair that is covered in a bright red and beige fleece!

    • So typical! They decide what is the best place there is, we have little to say. 🙂 We bought different cat houses since we got the cats, but I learned with time what they might (and only – might) like. 🙂 For Maven, the small cardboard boxes are still the best there is. Although at nights she almost always sleeps next to my pillow and purrs me to sleep. 🙂

    • It looks very comfortable indeed! I wish I had one huge sack like that for myself!

      When I woke up this morning and realized that only Claire is in our bed, and then I found all the other Siamese gravitating to the furthest depths of the sleeping sack, I knew that this was not wasted money! 😀

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