Albert got a prize – Food maze

There was a competition on Siames i fokus for the best Christmas photo, and Albert came second (with the picture of him in the Christmas tree), and we got a prize! 🙂 It was this picture that came second:

Albert the White Squirell

Albert the White Squirrel

We got Catit Senses Food Maze for our cats!

The Food Maze has one design flow (whoever made it did not have Siamese and their loooong noses in mind) – our Siamese can get their heads right into the top level and simply eat the food from there. But, we put a lid from one cookie-box on the top and now it works perfectly!

I filmed the cats eating Siamese 38 dry food from Royal Canin, which, according to the independent Swedish veterinary institute test, is not such a great quality food (our cats eat dry food from Eukanuba and James Wellbeloved and also Bozita and Mjau wet food – those two are Swedish brands), but it tastes great, so they get it instead of candy sometimes.

Claire is crazy about cat candy, and also, other cats let her get it first since she is the youngest. Albert does not care about candy that much (accept for Dreamies, and I am always strict there – everyone gets Dreamies from my hand, so there is no stealing). Albert likes lettuce. He is a special cat.

When we want other cats to play with Food Maze, we play with Claire in another room. And here is why:

3 comments on “Albert got a prize – Food maze

  1. I love this photo of Albert! Congrats on winning the Food Mazes! I had to reply when I read “Albert likes Lettuce”. Casper LOVES Broccoli, Peas, Rocket Salad Leafs, (almost anything that’s Green!) He is a strange cat.

    He’s also a very sickly cat. He loves treats too. I can’t remember the name of the brand my mum changed to but Enzo LOVES Dreamies. Casper only gets dry food for delicate stomachs. My mum buys it from the Vet directly, again not sure on brand? If he eats wet food, (Enzo gets wet food and casp sometimes eats it) that’s when he tends to vomit. So we try to discourage him from eating Enzo’s but he’s a mischievous, determined wee thing and is relentless!

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