Sleeping in style

There are several sofas, cat beds and various pillows spread through the house to choose from, but Jossan wants to sleep on the very sheep that Claire occupied first. Claire will of course not move and leave her sheep.

So what happens is that everyone sleeps on the sheep. But – there is place only for one cat there, or so I thought. And I was wrong.

Jossan: "I will sleep here". Claire: "I am not moving." Everyone is happy.

Jossan: “I will sleep here”. Claire: “I am not moving.” Everyone is happy.


Half an hour later; everyone is still happy, sleeping.

12 comments on “Sleeping in style

    • True. Jossan is Claire’s mom and she always considered her kittens to be excellent pillows. She would usually only put her head on them, since the day #1 which gave us serious panic attacks whenever we saw it. With some wonder she did not manage to suffocate any of her babies while we were asleep and unable to save them from under their mom’s head.
      I guess Jossan understood that Claire is big now so she can use her as couch instead!

      • My non-Siamese cats often sleep cuddled up next to each other, but piling on top of each other does seem to be a Meezer thing. They must be real heat-seekers to enjoy that extra level of physical contact. LOVE the photos!

        • Thank you! 🙂
          We also have one cat that is a mixed breed, Maven, she was found when she was a kitten, and the Siamese are have been trying to pile around her for years, since she has more fur than all of them together and they love warmth!
          But Maven thinks they are too clingy, too cuddly, too much of a pack animals, and they also make her overheat!
          But sometimes she wakes up with a Meezer snuggled next to her and gets grumpy, but they don’t care, they are all happy and cuddly! 🙂
          Maven is a cat, they are pile members. 🙂 But funnily enough she became more like them during the years, and she sleeps next to the ‘pile’, but never on the top or under some of the Siamese.
          Maven keeps a healthy distance, but she is also a pack member. 🙂

          • Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that there are two types of domestic felines: lions and tigers. I live with both. The lions enjoy spending time in their pride. The tigers are loners. Unlike wild populations of these animals, my lions and tigers share living space, which can occasionally lead to spats resulting from their divergent social systems. I love them all, socialites and loners alike.

          • I think that too! 🙂 For me and Jocke it was and still is amazing to observe their complex social interactions, especially in the mini pride we have honor to share our lives with.
            Siamese are like lions, but still, individuals can differ a lot. Some are certainly tigers.
            And, yes, the love is the same. Maven is the tiger that sleeps on my head (or supposedly next to it, but somehow she ends up just on my head every now and then).

    • Exactly like ours!
      I understand the piling activity, that is a normal Siamese thing (although not only Siamese do it, apparently 🙂 ), but how can they sleep like that (like on your first picture)? Claire did not complain at all.

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