The Army of Clones gets bigger

(about Jossan’s secret plan to take over the world)

Jocke and I are just two ordinary people who have cats (or the other way round), live with cats and adore them. But at the same time, we are fascinated by Siamese cats and we have a cattery registered in FIFe. Sometimes we have kittens available to loving permanent homes. We feel that others should have as amazing cats as we have and we work hard to preserve health and all that makes Siamese cats so special. But before all, we love our furry family members all the same, Siamese or not.

Boys who never become full fledged studs, but live happy pet lives, and yet manage to become fathers to one or two litters before becoming neuters are extremely beneficial for their race. If it was not for them, there would be a couple of so called ‘matador’ studs per generation and all the queens would be mated to them which in the long run would lead to diminishing of the genetical diversity in the whole population/race and that is ultimately a bad thing. That would give us cats with poor immune system that are more prone to get sick and live shorter in average.

But not only for the greater good, but also because he was such a beautiful kitten, and one of Jossan’s big and happy babies (the Army of Clones, she might say), we are delighted to announce that one of the Jossan’s babies from the C-litter, Casper (now called Imre, and apparently, not a baby anymore) became a father at Malviken’s cattery, at Sunne, Sweden.

July 29, 2013, 8 (yes, EIGHT!) adorable Siamese kittens were born at Malviken’s, pure Siamese for many generations.

S*Malviken's Maria Nyckelpiga and her kittens, one day old

S*Malviken’s Maria Nyckelpiga and her kittens, one day old, photo by Kristina Norderup

Here you can follow their development (in Swedish).

Now they are three weeks old and lovely, healthy and growing well. Imre is now a happy neuter. Many congratulations to Imre’s Mom and Maria Nyckelpiga’s Mom to their (and our) ‘grandchildren’! There are 3 white boys, one white girl, and 3 boys and one girl with points. Here is a few pictures that I borrowed from Kristina Norderup (S*Malviken’s), with her permission:

Casper's and Maria's kittens: the pile of cuteness, 3 weeks old

Casper’s and Maria’s kittens: the pile of cuteness, 3 weeks old

3 weeks old

3 weeks old

3 weeks old, and ready to take over the world

3 weeks old, and ready to take over the world

A proud father, SE*La Voix Casper

Proud father, SE*La Voix Casper

SIA w67, Foreign white boy (red)

Casper, 3 weeks old, June 2012 (If you wonder about his manicure – no, he did not catch and kill anything before the photo shoot; his claws were painted red with a nail polish in order to distinguish him from his other white siblings)

9 comments on “The Army of Clones gets bigger

  1. Wow! Caspar, I mean Imre! Well done on your 8 kittens – and what beautiful kittens again !! It seems like only yesterday that Imre was born… how old IS he ??

  2. I know! He is a bit over a year and three months old, not at all too young to be a father. Building a family happens much faster in cat’s world than in our! 🙂
    The kittens are beautiful! Jossan’s little clones again, I say. 😉

  3. Seems like it !!! lol!! We have had our own ‘new’ addition here too …. I should email you with links to my FB albums .. they tell the ‘story’ !!!

  4. Please mail me, or find me on FB?

    Also, Siamese cats usually get mature earlier than other cat races. Boys can become fertile around 6 months (and even earlier) and start calling and (hopefully not) spraying soon after…

    But now Imre is neutered and hopefully he will be thinking only about playing and cuddling, not about girls and stress anymore. La Dolce Vita!

    • I have emailed you – but would love to join you on FB too !!! I am not sure how I would find you though Jelena!!

      Oh .. and talking about neutering .. the ‘new addition’ will have to have that done once his weight is up !!

  5. Gratulerer! Så fine bebiser! Kusiner og fettre til Gabriel, ikke sant? (Casper er onkelen hans?) Og for en stolt og fin pappa! 🙂

  6. She cute baby kittens, and with such attractive Siamese parents.

    Taking over the world, that’s known as Siamese (Meezer) World Domination. 🙂

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