My ordinary day during the working week:

1 hours of playing with kittens, cleaning and feeding them in the morning

0,5 h getting ready for work

45min – 1 hour traveling to work.

about 9 hours at work

45 minutes -1 hour traveling from work

1 hour eating, getting ready for bed.

1 hour playing with cats and cuddling, feeding them, cleaning

2 hours feeding cats TF medication

2 hours other chores, answering mails etc. Cats are with me.

Sleep? 6 hours? If I am lucky and everything flows.

I am so tired. Then I go to bed and I am too tired to sleep, too worried about the cats and will they be cured after only one round of medications. I worry about different things, my family and what is my part in changing the world for the better.

It takes about 2 hours to medicate all the cats, 6 grown up and 6 kittens. They are kind and nice, but they are not too keen on eating the paste I make of Ronidazole powder, a drop of water and vitamin paste which I am pushing into their mouth. They need different amount, all of them, so it is not easy to measure and mix it. Joakim gets the cats and brings them to the bathroom, one by one, while I am mixing the medication. Then we hold them and pet them and talk to them and get the medication in their mouth. I think it tastes okay, since Albert is not flipping out, he is very sensitive about tastes. On the other hand, he is a cat that prefers eating cactus, pelargoniums and similar to cat candy, so what do I know how tasty the medication really is…

The cats are feeling well, and we notice no side effects. No one has soft stool anymore, already after three days.


And I almost forgot – the best part of my day is when, after medicating the cats, and before going to sleep,  Joakim and I eat ice cream on the sofa, and all the cats are cuddling there with us or playing.

5 comments on “Hours

  1. Jag har ju också problem med min Fafner (Sungs brorson). Han har diarré som inte ger med sig, ibland blir den lite bättre, men sen bara brakar det loss igen. Han käkar probiotika, fibrer och skonsam magmat, men inget verkar hjälpa. Har en ny veterinärtid bokat till den 20e, hoppas dom hittar nåt för detta är inte skoj för någon inblandad. 😦

    • Tack! Jag hoppas att vi blir av med TF nu. Det är 10 dagar av medicinering kvar. Katterna är så snälla, så det går bra. Det är viktigt att de små leker och är glada som vanligt, och det gör de.
      De märker inte mycket förutom att ibland stoppar jag något in i munnen på dem, och en stund senare glömmer de det. Det är tur att det inte är värre än så för dem! 🙂

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